4.7 5 0 87 87 Treat severe dandruff quickly and easily with Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength anti-dandruff and anti-seborrheic dermatitis shampoo.
Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
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Works but not as much as I want it too
I have severe dandruff, and have always had dandruff for as long as I can remember. Maybe it is my hair type but nothing ever seems to work for me. This shampoo works but only for one day. If a day passes and I do not wash my hair then my head gets super itchy. Maybe I need something stronger but head and shoulders is all that I use, because even though it isn't perfect it does help. I wish that the smell was better and that the formula didn't sting your eyes, but it does what it should, just isn't perfect.
i buy this for my husband when hes really stressed out it smells really bad but it works works after the twice wash or so its pretty much gone
Head and Shoulders anticaspa
Es un producto excelente me encantó, me dejó el cabello limpio y sin caspa.
Nothing better
There is no better over the counter anti-dandruff shampoo. Period. This works so much better on tough dandruff and still leaves my hair feeling nice! I have long hair and care very much how it looks, other products make my hair look bad and smell even worse! This is the best of both worlds! There is no compromise to hair for the care of my scalp, and vice versa. If my dandruff isn't as bad though, I will use the head & shoulders in the white bottle, so that I can get other hair benefits and other scent options.
Head and shoulders
This product is great and affordable really takes control of ur dandruff and ur hair is left soft silky
Lo utilizo para controlar el exceso de grasa que produce la Seborrea y con ella el picor que produce.
Works great
This shampoo definitely works and removes dandruff.
Head and Shoulders
I had an issue with dandruff, I bought a store brand and it did nothing. I bought Head and Shoulders and it cleared up in 3 shampoos!!! This is a great shampoo!!
Head and shoulders clinical strength
Muy buen producto, luego de un fuerte cambio de clima comenzo a salirme zampullidos en el cuero cabelludo y fue el unico shampoo que me ayudo.
This stuff works. And it leaves your hair so soft. But it keeps the dandruff way. Its not hard on my hair like some shampoos are.
Muy efectivo ayuda mucho para la caspa y deja el cabello suave.
Works really well
I was surprised how well this shampoo worked, it cleared up my dandruff within two weeks.
Head & shoulders . shampoo . i Like it it made hair feel so soft
I’ve used the shampoo for a few months now and it has greatly reduced my itchy scalp problem I have. I had tried everything out there spent so much money, glad I found this.
Dandruff shampoo
Received a sample of this shampoo and liked it enough to purchase a bottle. It leaves hair feeling good and takes care of the flakes. Good product

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