4.7 5 0 176 176 Treat severe dandruff quickly and easily with Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength anti-dandruff and anti-seborrheic dermatitis shampoo.
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Head and Shoulders is the best anti dandruff shampoo there is. Each new product just keeps getting better!
Works just as intended. I currently keep at least one bottle in my bathroom at all times. Controls the dandruff perfectly.
My husband works outside,so this works great for his dry scalp,stop flakes&itching,plus it Moisturized his hair.This is a great product as it doesn't dry out the hair like alot of dandruff shampoo typically do.
My husband uses this and loves it. He says it works great. Would recommend.
A member of my family uses this shampoo and it has really cute back on their dandruf and makes the hair soft
Head And shoulders products are always good and medicinally good for your scalp and head.
My dad has used prescription strength dandruff shampoos of all kind and only this Clinical Strength Head And Shoulders work for him. During the winter months , I also use this due to the dryness of my skin. Works everyime!
I hate dandruff! When I am stress out I always have dandruff. I tried the Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength Anti - Dandruff shampoo and i am surprised how fast my flakes gone from my head!
Muy bueno de verdad quita la caspa y el olor es delicioso. Lo recomiendo
Absolutely wonderful. My two boys have dry scalp, this not only helped it 100%, but they love the way their hair feels.
Head and shoulders is my favorite shampoo. If your hair gets oily easy this shampoo is for you. If you have dandruff or dry itchy scalp this shampoo is for you. Now lets talk about the smell. When you smell it straight from the bottle it smells a bit like medicine, but once you use it and your hair gets dry it smells amazing!
the best anti-dandruff shampoo I have used so far. it really workes even better than the original head and shoulders.
Does great for my dandruff, would like to get a sample to use,Head and Shoulders Clinical strength Anti-Dandruff shampoo.
I have psoriasis and this product works great to control the flaking and itching. It also doesn't have a nasty medicated smell like several others I have tried.
Works better then any dandruff shampoo I've ever used

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