5 5 0 3 3 Stay at the top of your game with NEW Head & Shoulders Full & Thick Advanced Thickening Tonic. Full & Thick Advanced Thickening Tonic gives you 2X fuller, thicker hair* in just 2 weeks by increasing the diameter of each individual hair strand for significant hair fullness improvement. Working from the scalp, the invigorating tonic nourishes and hydrates with caffeine and vitamins to lock in your scalp’s natural moisture. Also try Full & Thick Shampoo or Full & Thick 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner. Now that’s game changing!
Head & Shoulders™ Full & Strong Advanced Thickening Treatment
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My husband is 26 and is balding bad, he is very self conscious about it. This product will hopefully be the product that can help him out and regain some confidence and stay clear of the hats.
I like the smell of the shampoos but have not tried this type out yet. I do get occasional break outs of dandruff from time to time.
i have not tried this but i would love to. i just can't afford this product. i have little to no hair in the front which makes people think i am a guy not a woman. i am so tired of people guessing thinking or judging me that i am a guy or a woman. i would love to end that today.
I am always on the lookout for hair products for regrowth preferably, or thickening appearance at the very least. My hair has increasingly thinned out over the years and more noticeably in the past 2 years. Why is it their are so many options for males.....but not females??? May try this product and see how the results look.
Since chemo my hair is much thinner than before, though it initially grew back. Therefore, I would be so grateful to be able to test this product before I buy. Thanks.
I have very fine hair and would like to test Head & shoulders Full and Strong to see if it will give me more volumne. Have used other Head &U shoulders and liked them very much
Since I am a long time user of Head & Shoulders (long enough to have thinning hair), I would like to try this product if I can find it in my local stores.
i would to test head and shoulders full and strong advanced thickening treatment because head and shoulders is one of my go to brands
My family is a long time Head&Shoulders fan. so we are always open to try their new products. would love to try this Treatment
I haven't tried this, but i have heard and tried a lot of other Head & Shoulders products. My hair is quite thin, so this would be such a great product for me.
I have not used this product but I have used other head and shoulder products wonder if it would help my hair it is so fragile and brittle
My hair is very thin it actually runs in my family. I would love to try this and see how it works out.
This is new 4 me ,but i will try it .I am a regular head and shoulder user.The best shampoo product.
I use the regular head and Shoulders all the time. Since getting older my hair falls out more and more. I would love to try this product and get back my full head of hair!
I have dander and i have never tried tjis product. It would help greatly

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