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Head & Shoulders® Volume Boost
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I have & it works great for more then dandruff I have psoriasis nothing was helping I went back to using it and it was able to cut my problems way back.
Don't see any change in volume
I don't really care for this product. I don't see any difference in the volume of my hair and no help with dandruff as well. I would pass on this product honestly.
#1 dandruff relief
Head abd shoulders is in its own category. It usually is a dollar or two more then i would normally spend on shampoo but depending on the timing of year it has to be bought. But it worka. It really works. It releives my head of itching and all the scaly scalp pieces landing all over my shirt. It smells so great as a plus.
Works well on drandruff
Working well on dandruff but left my hair stiff. I will continue to use it also with a good conditioner.
smells good
Head & Shoulders is affordable and it works. When every I get dandruff ,this is the product I always to go. you can find it at any drug store. It doesn't wash my color out and it smells good. I would recommend this product.
Pretty Good
This product was good to me, I loved the scent and how clean my scalp felt afterwards. Just in my perspective it is a little on the salón style in terms of price for the amount you get...
Love It!
Love this product! Works wonders to keep my daughter's hair from being completely flat.
Works great for adults and children, leaves hair smelling fresh, clean, and revitalized.
I tried Head & Shoulder extra volume for the first time about 6 months ago. It smells great and it lathers a lot better than other Head & Shoulder products I've tried. It leaves my hair feeling soft and full of volume. I recommend this dandruff shampoo to everyone that suffers with dandruff and needs lots of volume
great shampoo and very affordable too I would consider repurchasing this product and recommend it to others.
I only use Head & Shoulders shampoos and conditioners, and the Volume Boost does seem to give my extremely fine hair more fluff.
I have tried to product and really like it we use it almost exclusively in our home.
i love head and shoulders and they are my number one brand. its the only dandruff shampoo that actually works for me and the smell is amazing and there conditioner even makes my hair softer and shinier than some others! so even if you dont have a dandruff problem, even their conditioner is worth trying because i have really thick hair and it makes mine so silky and soft ill never go back lol
I am using this shampoo now. It smells great, like chewing gum and it is as good as all head&shoulders products, Love it
i love head and shoulders makes my hair so soft and manageable great product

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