4.6 5 0 88 88 The formula, infused with vitamin E and argan oil, protects and hydrates your scalp skin. Relieves itch and irritation* (*associated with dandruff with regular use). Safe for everyday use, up to 4 times daily.
Head & Shoulders Supreme Soothing Leave-On Scalp Cream
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Takes care of itch
This vitamin e based scalp product worked great for my itchy scalp that I would get after washing my hair with shampoo.I am impressed with the results and I recommend it to friends.
I had no idea this product existed until i complained to my Mom of my dry. itchy, flaky, scalp.. She picked this tube up from the grocery store so it was easy to find which is good to know. My head felt instantly relived
Feels comforting in my hair
It feels comforting in my hair my scalp feels less itchy and I feel it helps clear my flakes
Good product!
I had no idea this product existed until I was having dry/itchy scalp with flakes & my boyfriend brought this home for me to try. It helped a lot! It didn't completely take care of all my issues, but it did provide a lot of relief! My scalp felt moisturized for hours!
Hair will thank you!
I really enjoyed using the Head & Shoulder's leave on scalp cream treatment on my hair. Having to wash my hair every other day makes my hair oily & itchy. After using the Head & Shoulder's leave on several times I noticed a huge difference in the way it looked and felt. The itching was nearly gone and my hair is hardly ever oily. My hair looks great.
Feels great
This product made my scalp feel very refreshing and also made my hair extra soft luv thus
Nice and cool
I suffer from dry scalp with itch occasionally due to medication and the weather. Never having dealt with dandruff, Head and Shoulders is something I thought I needed. A bit back, I came across this yummy scalp savior while reading a magazine article about dry, damaged scalp. It pointed out the importance of washing and taking care of our scalps along with our hair. So, with my scalp really bothering me, I went and got some to try. Immediately when I applied it I felt a relieving, cooling sensation. After my shower it was fantastic not to have that itching and burning pain. I use it every couple days and I like what it does for my hair also. It’s so much fuller since I guess my head is so much happier! Anyone with scalp issues must give this a try.
Great product
This is great for anyone with a dry flaky scalp. I love it and have seen a dramatic difference in my hair and scalp since using this.
Feels great!!
This really feels like its just massaging your scalp from the outside in. It makes my hair look so much mire nourisged and feel so moisturized!! This is wonderful to have. I just wish i got it in a larger tube!!
Works wonders. Keeps scalp moisturized all day so you don't get dry, itchy scalp. No scratching means no flakes!
Good product
It worked, was refreshing. Was easy to use and affordable.
Love it
I like how easy this is to use . I get dry scalp in winter this helps With that a lot . And you don’t have to rinse it out leaves your hair nice and soft .
no more itch
Head and Shoulders Supreme Soothing Leave-On scalp cream has done wonders for my scalp. I have been using it for a couple of months now. It seems less dry and not itchy like it usually is in the winter months. I would recommend it to everyone with dry scalp concerns.
Works good on dandruff
This item is good,we use this over the winter because the cold causes dry skin and dandruff and using this I notice the difference right away with the itching and dandruff it is a good item.
My son loved how it felt he had since bought himself some

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