4.6 5 0 52 52 The formula, infused with vitamin E and argan oil, protects and hydrates your scalp skin. Relieves itch and irritation* (*associated with dandruff with regular use). Safe for everyday use, up to 4 times daily.
Head & Shoulders Supreme Soothing Leave-On Scalp Cream
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Dry no more
My daughter was having suck bad dry scalp flakes that really embarrassed her so I seen this product at Walmart and it was a a god send to her and the embarrassment of the dry skin!!!! She and I are super happy and would recommend this product to everyone l....!!!!!!'😁😁😁😁😁
Great product
Its a great product, my head itches from my scalp being so dry, and i actually felt relief for once after trying, its an amaxing feeling not to have your scalp itching all the time. Ill be buymong more when i run out.
I didn't even know how tight my flaky, dry scalp was until I tried Head & Shoulders leave in scalp cream! The applicator makes it so easy to use I didn't even bother parting my hair, I jst reached the spots I could and oh lord is this stuff life! The only reason I didn't give it 5*s is bc it didn't help my dandruff at all but I've had it for over 15yrs so maybe mines jyst extra stubborn! Either way tis is definitely worth the price considering how wonderful it made my head feel!
Aw the relief I have a very rude scalp that’s constantly picking on me.in other words drives me nuts because of the itching.this worked to give me some relief and I’m no longer gorging my head with my fingernails or anything else I hope will work
Refreshed and moisturized
I have suffered with dry scalp for almost 2 years now. Nothing seemed to give me lasting relief from the itching until now. This cream soothes my scalp and has it feeling refreshed for days. It's doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down or oily. This is my go to now for my between wash days!
This is my holy grail item! I love this, I have to order this only to get it. I love using it, it makes my hair so soft and smooth.
Pleasantly Surprised!
As a person who lives in a cold, dry climate, I sometimes have to deal with a dry, itchy scalp that's prone to dandruff. Enter the Head & Shoulders Supreme Soothing Leave On Scalp Cream! I have had great success with this product, it soothes my irritated, itchy scalp very well. Per the directions, I use this once per day. It can be used up to four times daily, but I have found that once is enough to keep flakes at bay.
Great for my scalp
I have psorosis if the scalp and sometimes the falkes can be so frustrating. This has calmed the dryness and help with my confiedenice no more flaky scalp
Balanced scalp
I felt like this Head & Shoulders Supreme Soothing Leave-On Scalp Cream did really great job to add moisture to my scalp without making it seem overly oily or greasy. I would use it again
Great product
This stuff smells so good! I love that it doesnt make my hair feel oily! It's an awesome product.
Smells so good!
This stuff smells so good! I love that it doesnt make my hair feel oily!
Great for a dry, itchy scalp!
The Head & Shoulders Soothing Scalp Cream is perfect for people who are prone to a dry scalp like me. I get dandruff often and my scalp tends to get dry and itchy, especially due to product buildup such as dry shampoo. This scalp cream soothes my scalp and keeps my scalp feeling healthy and hydrated.
Excelente servicio
Este producto me lo regalaron en tamaño regular y fue fácil de aplicar. Me gusto mucho cuando me pase el blower lo sentía súper suave! No pienso que debe de tener ninguna mejora ya que es perfecto!
Works great
I have dry scalp on occasion and this works very well. Quick and easy to use. I love how it made my scalp look and feel healthier. I noticed less flakes.
Cabello suelto
Me gusta porque deja el cabello suelto y más liso. Más manejable para peinar.

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