Healthy Crunch: Chocolate SunSeed Butter

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Healthy Crunch: Chocolate SunSeed Butter


it taste delicious me and my family especially my kids definitely 👍 liked it they liked it so much I had too go and buy more definitely worth the 💰
Healthy Choice when you are craving Chocolate
All of the good stuff, none of the bad stuff. Really great taste, satisfied my chocolate craving without eating something filled with sugar. I love all the choices the Heathy Crunch brand offers.
Tastes Better than Expected
I'm in love with this butter. And it tastes like chocolate! It's healthy and my kids love it! I'm recommending this product!!
This is great!!
My kids love this product, they like it more than peanut butter
I really like that Healthy Crunch offers the variety pack as it allows me to choose something different every day! The Super Seed Butter is Divine...absolutely delicious and loaded with a variety of seeds. The Salty Caramel is my favorite and I will definitely be ordering more of this soon! And I also enjoy the Crunchy for a change. These butters make breakfast fast, easy and nutritious!
It's been great in my smoothies and on top of my pancakes. This is a great product for if you are looking to lead a more healthy lifestyle but not lose flavor!
Nice Taste
It was pretty good, I liked the way it tasted and the texture was smooth. I will be buying more, my family liked it too. Thank You for letting me try it.
I like ir the taste its so delicious..............
Sun seed butter
I wondered how a product that tastes so delicious can be so healthy. Not just for children but adults as well.
The Healthy Crunch Chocolate SunSeed Butter is absolutely delicious! I put it on toast but sometimes I just eat a spoonful by itself. Very well balanced and super delicious!
Loved this spread!
I was so excited to try this spread out when I saw it at my local store. I ended up getting it, and when i tried it out i ended up loving it so much! I use it on toasted bread, and its so good!
I cannot I repeat I cannot be left alone with a jar of this. If you do than I will finish the whole thing with a spoon then proceed to yell at you for not stopping me. It is just a very scrumptious delicious seed butter it's impossible not to
pretty good
This is really good on toast. The price is pretty good too.
Its very tasty and yummy . very healthy . i suggest to my friends and family.its very good product . love it a lot i also suggest to every one to try it ones.
Amazing chocolate spread
I love this product, it is a great healthy alternative for hazelnut chocolate spreads. It tastes amazing on toast for breakfast and surprisingly it is not too sweet. I will definitely be purchasing this again.

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