Hearing Assist CONTROL Rechargeable RIC Bluetooth Silver kit (2pc)

4.4 5 0 8 8 From Hearing Assist, America’s #1 Affordable Hearing Brand! The CONTROL Rechargeable Receiver in Canal (RIC) is a premium, feature filled product from Hearing Assist! The Receiver in Canal design provides for excellent high-frequency amplification.
Hearing Assist CONTROL Rechargeable RIC Bluetooth Silver kit (2pc)


Hearing aids
I was very satisfied with my hearing aids. They were easy to set up and they had a good clear tone. They fit well around my ears and were comfortable. It sure helps when I watch TV, not having to turn it up so loud.
Great product
Easy to use, portable and rechargeable. Great for those having hearing problems. Battery lasts a long time once charged. Got these for my grand mom who has been losing her hearing, works great so far.
Pretty innovative
My mom has been losing her hearing lately she's in denial but when she tried this and loved that it work for her she was still in denial but we saw her putting it to good use the last few days
Easy to use
Easy to use, great product. Charge lasts a long time. Very easy to carry in pocket or purse as well.. made a difference for me would buy again.
Works great
Easy to use and portable. It is rechargeable and the battery lasts awhile which makes it portable
Great Product
Great Product and long lasting i like it because it is small and fit in your pocket the most i liked with this is the color the volume could be a little louder i recommend this
Wow g re eatttt
Woe this is re ally impressive ! It really does help and is totally needed. Give this a go and you will be so happy that you did.! Follow for follow back?
Bad use.
I have tried it a few months ago and I can't get used to? They just my ears.nothing.

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