HEARING ASSIST MICRO In-the-Ear Completely-in-Canal (CIC) Black (1pc)

4.3 5 0 5 5 This exact device was formerly sold for $1800/each by another Hearing Aid company. Hearing Assist purchased the rights to the design and reduced the price to less than $400! This CIC Hearing Aid is tiny and fits inside the ear canal. Because it is black, it blends into the shadow of your ear canal and looks nearly invisibl
HEARING ASSIST MICRO In-the-Ear Completely-in-Canal (CIC) Black (1pc)


My hearing was getting bad, my tv was loud,as loud as it would go, after trying this hearing assistant, my tv is about a 4 ..great gift that I received..
Hearing is s easy now
Loved these. Bought them on sale. Super discreet and comfortable. Amazing hearing and quality sound.
Nice size
I was surprised at how well it worked. I definitely heard even the smallest sounds around me. The only thing I found frustrating was finding the most efficient placement for me
Incorrect Product Received
I was excited to receive this product but I received the wrong one so I was unable to try it.
Great idea
Such a pleasure to be able to understand words and sounds more clearly. Hearing assist micro is very light and discreet. Definitely will be using again and again. It’s small and fits neatly and comfortably.

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