HEINZ Home Style Roasted Turkey Gravy

4.6 5 0 334 334 Made from real turkey stock and a light blend of spices. Low calorie.
HEINZ Home Style Roasted Turkey Gravy


As good as homemade
This gravy is as good as homemade, but it's so much easier! Simply open it and warm it and you're ready to serve with your dinner. Thanks, Heinz!
As Good As Homemade
This gravy is as good as homemade. I love it.
It was really good and creamy I really liked the taste and want to use it with turkey for other people
I love gravy and i thought this was just okay. It isn't my go to but I enjoyed eating it and I would buy again if it was my only option.
great gravy
I love this gravy, I have random cravings for it sporadically. I love the taste but the flavor is not very strong, if they added a little something extra to it that would make it a 5.
Tastes like Grandma's homemade gravy Has a homemade taste and goes great with mashed potatoes
great gravy
i am a city girl and i was never told how to make gravy i have tired for years and friends have tired to help me but to end i still cant do it so i do the next best thing and buy gravy that is already made up and it serve the same gravy also look good on my food as well to my family likes it and that makes me happy
Horrible taste...
We serve a Thanksgiving meal to our community Thanksgiving Day. We make 12 turkeys, 6 pans of mashed potatoes, green beans and sweet potatoes. Plus cranberry sauce and rolls and sometimes corn. We always have a good turnout. We made gravy from the turkey juices but we ran out and had to buy some. This is all we could find in the store Heinz home style roasted turkey gravy. We thought it would be really good so after heating it up we tasted it first and we didn't like it. But we went ahead and served the gravy and people started to ask if they could have some more turkey and potatoes without the gravy. Hardly anyone liked it so we ended up serving the gravy on the side so the people could taste it before pouring it all over their food. First time we've had a dinner that people didn't like the gravy. I definitely don't recommend this gravy to others. Heinz has some really good products but this one was a bust.
Best gravy ever!
This is the best gravy ever! We use it every thanksgiving. It is a staple for our turkey and gravy dinner. Great consistency and flavor. Our whole family loves it and we never have a Thanksgiving dinner without it. Highly recommended!
Flavorful and complimentary to meat and potatoes!
I was very surprised at how delicious this grave is! I expected it to be okay, but it surpassed my expectations. It is thick and flavorful without overwhelming the flavor of the meat and potatoes!
Just like Home
This Gravy is always on time add your love to it tastes just like you made it from scratch I use it a lot at Holidays time cute the time and labor down most of all has a great taste no one can complain about we love it
as good as Mom's
This is the closest tastying gravy to my Mom's
I use this product for my mash potatoes. Easy to warm up and taste good!
Heinz Homestyle Gravy
This is always in my pantry. Yu would never know the difference between my gravy which is delicious, but Heinz is "Delicious". To me this is the best gravy ever!!!!!!
Looks like jello
The taste is very bland and is very thick product. After it is refrigerated it looks like Jell-O.

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