4.9 5 0 81 81 Clean your kiddo from head-to-toe with our two-in-one formula that soothes with Organic Aloe Vera, Calendula, Avocado and Cucumber Extracts while moisturizing with Organic Jojoba and Sunflower Seed Oils.
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It smells good
I love the smell on this product I would recommend if your baby dosent have sensitive skin my baby has eczema and it made his skin dry up I thought I wouldn’t give it a try but no good for him
Smells so fresh...
I tried this product for my 1 year old son Malakai, and he has very sensitive skin. It is all natural, and he had no breakouts after use. The smell is very light and fresh and I love it.
I love it. I use this product still on my LO even though she's now 6. It keeps her hair (she was born with a full head of hair) soft and shiny and it works really well no matter the age.
Hello bello yes please
The critics are in and its ten toes up 2 thumbs up. This has vety excellent products nothing but the best and the smells is yummy
Cleans well and smells great
I recently purchased this product just based on how great it smelled in the store. When bath time rolled around it did not disappoint! It lathers up nicely and leaves my little ones feeling and smelling yummy.
The best!
Hello Bello such an amazing product! I recently just started using it for my LO. This leaves his skin smooth and smelling really great! Definitely not going back to my old ones!
Love this!!
I absolutely love this brand!! I have tried many brands and so far this is my favorite!
Hello Bello
Hello Bello Soothing Vanilla & Apricot Shampoo and Body Wash, smells lovely and works great! plus it’s safe for your kids and it’s made out of plant based products also it’s hypoallergenic, PH Balanced, Vegan and Cruelty free!!
Amazing product
Omg I'm so inlove with this bodywash! The smells is so good i don't want to rinse it off. I love soaking in the tub using this like I'm obsessed with the scent of vanila and apricot! This is my favorite scent! My skin is so soft and smoith after bathing.
Hello bello!
This product is great! It smells really great and does does woth my babies sensitive skin! It leaves his skin feeling so soft! And he smells so nice!
Love it!!
It works great! I bought it to try on my 3 month old grandson and it was so gentle on his skin & I loved that fresh baby smell so I bought more for my 5 year old son with eczema and its gentle on his skin, gets him clean, and now he has that fresh baby smell!
So good
I saw this in Walmart and thought I should try this and i must say it is so good i liked its natural ingredients i think it doesn't need any improvements i would definitely recommend this
Smells better than my high end body wash
This smells so good and is perfect for the kiddo. I have actually used it a few times because it smells better than the high end natural based product I use. Only downfall is kiddo seems to be more sensitive to it hurting his eyes when washing his hair.
I really enjoyed the scent not to heavy just perfect and my daughter also love it
Fantastic Scent
Wow ! This is my favorite baby product by far for my little ones ! There are no tears , fantastic scent , and I never worry about harmful chemicals !

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