4.9 5 0 85 85 Clean your kiddo from head-to-toe with our two-in-one formula that soothes with Organic Aloe Vera, Calendula, Avocado and Cucumber Extracts while moisturizing with Organic Jojoba and Sunflower Seed Oils.
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Hello Bello Shampoo & Body Wash – Vanilla Apricot
I used this on my two grandkids and was so happy with the results. Hair looked so clean and shiny and they really smelled good as well.
Great new product
This is a great scent and the only one I know of like it in the market. My toddlers hair all smelled good after washing. It served well in cleaning their messy hair too. I will definitely be buying this again.
Refreshed shampoo
This shampoo make your hair feel very refreshed and clean.
Oh yeah
This has an amazing scent and leaves you feeling so clean. It is a new favorite.
Smelled great, and I felt confident using this on my 8 year old neice Heather as well as myself
Hello Bello
We absolutely love Hello Bello! It smells fabulous and would highly recommend it to anyone. Not to mention it makes our hair bright and shiny. Definitely will be buying it again soon!
I really like this shampoo for my son. It also smells really good. I like how it comes in the pump which is so much easier while trying to bathe my son. I highly recommend this shampoo!
Love it!
I like this body wash and shampoo! It smells great but not overwhelming. It did not leave a grim in my kids hair and I like that it does not have a lot of junk in the product.
Clean kids
This smells so good.I use it for my self it's gentle on the skin
Absolutely love this for my daughter it smells so good and it cleaned her so good and it’s one of the best product over her I definitely recommend you purchase in this for your child.
It's wonderful! Once less container in the shower and it does work!
Very gentle baby wash
This HelloBello Shampoo & Body Wash is really a gentle and great baby wash for my twin boys. The scent is great but not an overpowering scent and it lasts a long time. My twin babies smell so fresh and clean after using this baby wash. It is made with plant-base ingredients like organic aloe, jojoba, calendula, avocado and cucumber extracts. It is very mild and is great for my babies’ sensitive skin. It has a nice creamy lathering foam and it rinses easily. My twin babies’ skin feels great after washing them with this baby wash. They have very dry and sensitive skin and with this wash their skin feel very moisturized after bathing and doesn’t get irritated. It is easy to dispense the right amount with the pump dispenser and you don’t need a lot to have a nice soothing bath so the bottle will last me a long time. I love that this baby wash doesn’t contain any parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and dyes. A great safe and gentle baby wash that I really recommend!
Smells amazing
Most body washes doesn’t always leave your smelling great after using. But this product smells so good that it’s on your body for awhile. Definitely my favorite
Hello Bello body wash with vanilla and apricot
Absolutely love how it cleans my body and how it leaves my body Smelling like vanilla and apricot a great smell that my husband loves and it is easy to apply
This looks interesting. Did not know these are on the market.

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