4.8 5 0 60 60 This oil mist is a must-have. With a lightweight feel, it does so much for your hair. It helps repair damage, smooths, detangles, defines curls, and helps fight frizz. Our Argan Oil & Aloe Hair Oil mist is infused with hand-picked, sustainably sourced aloe. It's made with real botanicals that are endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, a world leading expert on plants. Discover the wonders of nature, selected by experts, blended by us. That's plant-based beauty.
Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Hair Mist Oil
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I have been using Herbal Essences product for years,so this Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Hair Mist Oil 8s an other product I trust to give me the look I want for my hair! Gives my hair shine and smells great!
I love it! I will certainly use this again! I love the way it makes my hair feel and i love the smell! I will be recommending it to my friends and family!
Natural product
I felt like this Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Hair Mist Oil has really natural clean scent that is long lasting. But I feel like the best thing about this oil is that is works great to give your hair soft feeling and healthy appearance. I would use again and recommend
I first saw this product being promoted on social media. After seeing how affordable it was and its ingredients I immediately purchased it. I have long, chemically treated hair and this mist is a must for me. It is lightweight, smells great and nourishes my hair every time I use it.
Smells great. Applied to damp hair before drying. My hair feels like silk and looks incredible.
I love this product
It does everything it promises to do and it smells great! Although it's a little pricey in my opinion, it is a great product.
I liked this
I liked this myself, it lasted me a long time, little bit pricey, but it works great. The smell is amazing. I def. recommend this!
para mi cabello
excelente producto... me hidrato muy bien y dio brillo a mi cabello.
Hair oil
I usually use this on my hair before blow drying it. It helps with frizz. It has a nice smell to it and it isnt too greasy like other hair oils. I would purchase in the future.
less frizz healthy shiny hair
less frizz makes it less dry gives me smooth shiny hair I recommend to people to try love it
Great hydration!
This product hydrates my hair so well and also smells amazing.. I having been using this oil mist and I am really pleased with how soft, moisturized, and easy to manage my hair is now.I will definitely recommend this product.
I love it !!
I love it.. what a great idea !! It comes in a cute little bottle, it mixes well and smells great !! It sprays out easily and is not too oily. My hair was abitlle Damon it it dried pretty quickly. I will definitely buy again !
Less frizz
Leaves my hair less crazy frizz ball status and I love that! It's hard for me to find something that keeps the frizz away all day and it smells amazing and the smell lasts till the next day
My hair feels & looks great!
My hair is dry and frizzy. I having been using this oil mist and I am really pleased with how soft, moisturized, and easy to manage my hair is now.
Great hydration
this product is great for hydrating your hair and also smells AMAZING!

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