Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Hair Mist Oil

4.8 5 0 156 156 This oil mist is a must-have. With a lightweight feel, it does so much for your hair. It helps repair damage, smooths, detangles, defines curls, and helps fight frizz. Our Argan Oil & Aloe Hair Oil mist is infused with hand-picked, sustainably sourced aloe. It's made with real botanicals that are endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, a world leading expert on plants. Discover the wonders of nature, selected by experts, blended by us. That's plant-based beauty.
Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Hair Mist Oil


Oh, the smell!!!
Works great! Hair feels so silky, looks shiny and healthy. It’s not greasy and doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it look or feel oily. The smell is Heaven in a bottle. I love it and so does everyone around me! Thank you for the beautiful product!!
Makes your hair soft and silky and tames frizz.
Made my hair very soft, love this product so much and easy to use
Detangles Great!
This Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Hair Mist Oil smelled absolutely amazing! I sprayed a few sprays on my towel dry hair and the knots were manageable and their was less pulling with my hair. I had less hair strands in my hair then when i would not use this Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Hair Mist Oil. And made my hair so soft when my hair was dry.
Buen producto me encanta el efecto que tiene lo recomiendo mil veces.
I love this. It left my hair shiny and it smells good. It even lightly detangled my hair.
It’s very good. I never expected such good preformance
Soft, Silky Hair
I've started using this in my hair and I must say, it is awesome! I have wavy/curly hair that is very dry and frizz prone, no matter what I do. It doesn't help to live in one of the most humid states in the U.S.. Now I apply a little bit of this miracle and run my fingers through to distribute and viola! The frizz is gone, and I am left with soft, manageable locks! I highly recommend!
Lovely product
This product adds a shine without being very oily and it smells nice.
Good drugstore fizz fighter
With summer and the heat, this product really helps with the fizz. I spray it off and then put blow dry my hair. It helps tame my frizz and has a great smell. A great drugstore hair sample.
Loved it!!
I loved this product my hair was dry and very frizzy at the time I used the product and not even a week while using the product my hair was back with its natural oils and it took very well volume to my natural waves
It's marginal
Leaves your hair somewhat greasy. Has a good smell but I don't like the way it makes my hair greasy.
Fabulous product
I used to use Herbal Essence products all the time but I feel like they changed the ingredients list on me. I can across this product one day as someone had picked it up and decided not to buy it and offloaded it in the freezer section. I was cautious but placed it in my cart anyways. I'm so glad I did. The smell of the product is incredible. There are some nights when I'm just downright exhausted and have just enough strength to shower so I just throw my hair in a high bun and go to bed. This product gives me an awesome sheen and a wonderful smell. It's enough that some people even ask did I wake up looking like that but if only they knew!?! And why would I give them any other reason to think differently! Once I find this product again, I'm going to purchase it for my daughters as well and that's the extra people right there.
its easy to use and smelled good i liked how easy it was to use
I love this stuff!!
I like Herbal Essence products to begin with and this just confirmed that. My hair was left feeling smooth and silky, along with a great scent!!

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