4.8 5 0 111 111 This oil mist is a must-have. With a lightweight feel, it does so much for your hair. It helps repair damage, smooths, detangles, defines curls, and helps fight frizz. Our Argan Oil & Aloe Hair Oil mist is infused with hand-picked, sustainably sourced aloe. It's made with real botanicals that are endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, a world leading expert on plants. Discover the wonders of nature, selected by experts, blended by us. That's plant-based beauty.
Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Hair Mist Oil
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Simplemente maravilloso
Primero huele divino como todo lo de HE. Segundo es fabuloso para mi cabello ya que aporta suavidad y brillo y por último ayuda al peinarlo con más facilidad. Los recomiendo totalmente
Must Have
This oil is a must have. I just cant believe that it is all natural! It makes your hair so much more managed by keeping out all tangles. It looks radient in your hair and is so lightweight you don't even notice its there. It prevents frizz and keeps it safe from damage. You just can't go wrong with this product!!! It has everything your looking for in an oil.
Lightweight oil
Leaves hair shiney, manageable, and radiating a healthy glow. Prevents damage
No more tangles
This product is great and so convenient , just wash your hair and spray in, no greasy residue and soft tangle free hair .
Amazing looking hair
I like to use this before I add my curly hair moose, and I also from time to time use it the following day to just keep my hair looking and feeling good.
Smells great and works great
I love this product, I spray it on after my shower, and it leaves my hair feeling amazing. After I use any heat products it keeps my hair from being frizzy.
Smells great
Leaves your hair soft and smells good. Not over powering or greasy
Herbal Essences Argan Oil + Aloe Hair Mist Oil
Has Hydrating hair oil mist, smooths, detangles and helps me fight frizz plus it contains aloe and most of all it Repairs my hair with light moisture, light hydration, detangling, frizz control of my hair
Love the fine mist spray
I think Herbal Essences Moroccan argon oil fine mist spray is awesome. I like how you can just spray it in your damp or dry hair and comb through. Or if my hair was dry I would I prefer to spray it in my hands spread them evenly throughout my hair. It makes your hair looking and feeling super soft with just the perfect amount of shine.
halus lembut sempurna
sangat cocok d rambut saya yang bersifat kering. dan membuat rambut lebih halus dan gampang d atur .padahal baru sekali mencoba. sangat memuaskan
Silky smooth
This leaves hair silky smooth and helps rid all fly always! A small amount goes a long way. I use a lot of products. My hair is professionally colored and this product helps to take great care of it.
I recently combed out 3 years worth of dreadlocks and my hair looks FRIED!! I was looking for a conditioning spray without the dreaded dimethicone and let me tell you, that's not easy to find. I decided to give this a try even though my hair tends to get pretty greasy. I was worried this would make me look oily and gross, but it did not!! The oil is so light, that all it adds is softness and shine!! Not to mention it smells AMAZING!!! I have only used this on dry hair, so not sure how well it works on wet hair. All I can say is that the first time I used it I was having a terrible hair day (we're talking Season of the Witch hair) and after a few sprays, I walked past my husband and he said "Wow, your hair looks really good today". I was sold!!! I hope they never stop making this!!!
Repaired my hair
3 years ago, a few months before my wedding...I went in to have my hair professionally colored for the first time ever. I wanted to go just a couple shades lighter. The girl swore we could do it, no problem. That same day, she melted 13 inches of my hair off. After the tears, and a creative wedding hairstyle to hide the damage....I began to use this product twice daily. What was left of my hair began to soften, and grow back a little stronger. Today, I've regained about 9 inches....and I still rely on this product for shiny, soft, sleek, and strong locks.
Love This Brand
I love this product it smells so good and works like a charm. I would recommend any of the herbal essences products I've been using them for years now. I would recommend this whole line of products.
This is a good product.
I thought this mist was decent. I liked the packaging and how this mist came out of the bottle. Not too into the scent though.

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