4.5 5 0 152 152 Protect your hair color with Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Daily Moisture Shampoo.
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I simply love this product! Smells heavenly and works beautifully.
Smells great
Love this shampoo leaves my hair soft, shiny and smelling amazing.
Love it
I have been using this shampoo for the best few weeks and I really like it, it does not make my hair oily and smells really good!
excellent product
really good product with a high quality , works perfect for me because i love the scense and my hair looks softener and shinny , really i can see the change on my hair using this shampoo
Smells so good!
I've been searching for new products that are healthier and much better for my health and body, so I came across this brand of Shampoo and decided to try it. I love that this product is EWG verified safe, and compared to many other products it is a great price point. I think it has a really nice and luxurious feel to it and it is very thick instead of watery like others I have tried. It smells wonderful and it has a great lather while using the product. You don't need to use a lot of it, and it goes a long way. I'm planning on buying this again, and my husband also likes it.
It's okay, but nothing too special
I like this product for the fact that it doesn't have certain ingredients in it. It smells good, but I don't see anything super special with my hair. It reminds me of other shampoos. Nothing bad, but noting super special.
Loved it
This is by far my favorite shampoo. I use the conditioner also and love it. No parabens in it. Smells great and really helps my color. I would recommend this product to everyone.
I have been using this shampoo since june 2019 its really working amazing on my color treated hair my hair much more softer n shiner than before
This is by far my favorite shampoo. I use the conditioner also and love it. It is on the EWG list. No parabens in it. Smells great!
Product is just amazing. Leaves hair smelling good and so soft!! :)
I haven't tried all your products but I'd love to, could you please send me samples, I love to try them
Scent last
Smells really good. Doesn't take much shampoo to get really good lather. Ran out of conditioner still had half bottle of shampoo left.
The smell ❤️
It left my hair feeling soft and silky. Also, the scent is amazing!
Pros and cons
I'm really glad that HERBAL ESSENCES finally jumped on the no sulfates band wagon .I had pros and cons while trying out their new shampoo! This one does have super nice honey smell to it and it lathers very well .I have curly hair and it just made my hair limp and lifeless with not much shine either .
Love it!
This product keeps my hair soft and voluminous. My hair feels healthy and clean. It also leaves my hair smelling amazing. I can not think of a better product and would definitely recommend this product to others!

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