4.5 5 0 158 158 Protect your hair color with Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Daily Moisture Shampoo.
Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Shampoo
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Scent last
Smells really good. Doesn't take much shampoo to get really good lather. Ran out of conditioner still had half bottle of shampoo left.
The smell ❤️
It left my hair feeling soft and silky. Also, the scent is amazing!
Pros and cons
I'm really glad that HERBAL ESSENCES finally jumped on the no sulfates band wagon .I had pros and cons while trying out their new shampoo! This one does have super nice honey smell to it and it lathers very well .I have curly hair and it just made my hair limp and lifeless with not much shine either .
Love it!
This product keeps my hair soft and voluminous. My hair feels healthy and clean. It also leaves my hair smelling amazing. I can not think of a better product and would definitely recommend this product to others!
Very good
I liked it very well. Made hair soft and it smelled wonderful!!
Nice small
Love the way it made my hair feel and smell very good and my hair looks great after
Could have been the weather
It’s Connecticut in the middle of a heatwave so it could have totally been the weather. I love the smell of the product, And I bought it. Because of the price and the natural ingredients. I think I may have wanted to wash my hair twice. I definitely look forward to more use and less frizzy days.
I love Herbal Essences. They always have a nice variety to choose from and they lather really well often. I love the smell and the way it makes my hair look radiant and beautiful.
Loved Herbal Essences since I was a teen!
After lathering with this deliciously scented, sulfate free, vitamin B & Honey....I was not let down. Yet, another one to go down in history. <3 I feel like the sulfate free shampoos Herbal Essences have out now make my hair feel lighter. Soft silky locks are expected, but their new bio:renew collection has been a wonderful escape from chemicals weighing on me. I highly recommend everyone try at least one of the sulfate-free bio:renew shampoos out. I feel like the honey and vitamin B shampoo is beneficial for hair growth, a must have once you hit a certain age. My hair has started to thin a bit and though I enjoy the lighter weight, I fear it will be thinning more as I get older so I will be using this shampoo more often to assist carrying oxygen and nutrients to my scalp for growth along with biotin. This shampoo was a bit more pricey than the "long-term relationship"/"Hello Hydration" collections, but there is good reason for this. Just depends on your hair and preferences.
Herbal essence
I remember being a teenager and this brand was the hot brand back in the late 90s. Now that im a "grown up" lol and can afford it, its in my top 3 forever. The scent that stays, it makes my hair soft and manageable, love it.
Love this!
For it being sulfate free store bought shampoo I was very impressed. I love the smell and the smell lasts for a couple days too! Left my hair feeling clean!
I love love this shampoo! My hair does too. The smell is great and it is a trusted brand..Enjoy!
Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Shampoo is a awesome Shampoo free of all the bad ingredients. It is very healthy for your hair. I highly recommend you try this
Not the best
It made my hair very dry and I’ve noticed more fall out after using it. I usually wash my hair every other day, but using this shampoo, my scalp gets oily the next day.
Excelente producto
Fabuloso aroma y textura mi pelo agradece el tratamiento que le binda

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