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Home Tester Club Tips: Cooking at home
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Experimenting with help
Since the quarantine started I love to try different food bowls for meals because they are easy and fun to try out new flavor combinations. I will try out salad or rice bowls with different types of marinated meats and different vegetables and fruits. Our family favorite is a Korean steak rice bowl with mango, red cabbage, avacado and egg and a peanut sauce. My son loves to help! So I will have him cut the softer ingredients and help me mix sauces and put the bowls together.
Cooking at home!
Since the sheltering in place we've been cooking a lot at home. I find that cooking in our all in one pot has saved us time , leaving us more time to watch movies or play board games as a family. One of my favorite recipes to make in our all in one pot is Rice and Sausage and it's very easy to make. In fact you can make it w/ any left over meat or poultry or combination of meats and poultry! Take 2 cups of rice (any type) and add any left over meat / poultry cut in bite size pieces. Add garlic, sea salt and pepper all to taste, 1 can of diced tomatoes , 1 stick of butter cut into pats and placed on top and cover all w/ water. Cook on rice / rositto / wild for 18-20 minutes When its done let the heat out and stur , serve w/ broccoli or any other vegetable of your choice and eat ! This meal tends to go very quick w/ no left overs! I even sometimes add the green sofrito to this dish (can make our own in blender w/ green seeded peppers, garlic & tomatoesl and onion blended together).
Home cooking is in my blood!
I was raised by a Southern mama and grandma so cooking at home is in my blood! I love to cook! For Christmas this year my son bought me an instant pot but sadly I haven’t tried it. I’m just stuck in my ways, cook in an oven or on a stove top. I guess I need to catch up with the times and try it. Wish me luck 🤞🏻
Cooking at home with my kids
During this time of shelter in place order, we have been cooking at home more often. It has allowed me to introduce all my children to healthy cooking. They love helping me cook and they also enjoy spending time with each other.
Carrot cake
I made a gluten-free carrot cake yesterday and it was delicious. It uses almond flour and 5 eggs. It makes it so moist and delicious. There are 5 different spices added and it makes it so flavorful. I love testing out new recipes and I definitely love tasting them.
Tiller and Hatch Minestrone Soup
Tiller and Hatch Southwestern Style Minestrone Soup with Meatballs can be easily purchased at your local Walmart. This unique meal for the family is simply placed in the pressure cooker and ready to serve in 8 minutes. The soup has a wonderful flavor that comes from a variety of vegetables, beans, and meatballs. This is perfect for a family on the go or someone who doesn’t want to be in the kitchen all day. #Tillerandhatch @tillerandhatch #Minestronesoup #Walmart #Reesetishas2cents #Reesetisha @reesetisha
Cooking tips
I tend to look online for recipes to make cooking at home more fun. You can find tons online on brand website or even looking on social media for fun quick meals or more difficult ideas.
Cooking at home is great
My wife and I love cooking at home. We always eat healthier and can manage how big the portions are. We are both health conscious and watch what we eat. When we go out to eat we usually over eat or don’t eat as healthy as we should.
Love home cooking
Cooking at home is great its a great lifeskill & you pick the ingredients so you know exactly what goes in your food also it's quite cheaper and healthier than dining out,my family loves cooking at home.
Easy meal
I find this recipe easy and about 30 minutes, it's tater tot casserole need about pound of hamburger brown it drain grease, put a can of cream of mushroom mix in hamburger put it in baking dish put tater tots on top of hamburger mixture cover all hamburger with them, put in oven till tots are done take out put some shredded mild cheddar cheese all over tots put back in oven till cheese melted, take out and ready to serve. Get your potatoes meat and dairy all one simple meal Enjoy😀
No better time
Now's the time to sit down, look at new recipes and meal plan! I'm not a chef or baker (and don't particularly love cooking), but especially now need to eat healthy. I Having 3 kids also means I need to start meal prepping to make the week easier and having a food calendar to help prep makes everything a little easier.
Love cooking
I love to cook. We cook every night at home even before all of this happened. We make it a family event. Our boys help us in the kitchen. We found when they help they are less likely to whine about dinner not being done yet. We also love trying new recipes. We got lucky and don’t have picky eaters so we try a lot of different meals. Don’t get me wrong there are days when I don’t feel like cooking so we either throw something in the crock pot or the instant pot and boom dinner without all the work.
Perfect time to experiment
Now's the perfect time to check out new recipes or perfect old ones. I dont love cooking but I love eating healthy. Cooking ensures that I am eating healthy. I control what I add to the recipe and I know everything that I'll be eating. Having a kid I need to take advantage of my weekends to food prep. This makes it easier during the week when I'm hungry I can just grab and go. If there's nothing for me to eat I tend to eat junk food.
New recipes
Although I hate not being able to come and go as I please the stay home order gives me a chance to try new recipes
Cooking at home
Excellent. Went through the pantry. Sorted and cleaned and found out i have plenty to make some amazing dishes

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