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Home Tester Club Tips: Home entertainment
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Things to Keep us Entertained!
Well our family loves to watch and stream movies and tv shows via Hulu, Disney + and Netflix but after a while even this tends to drive the kids nuts. We just discovered a new craft that even my most picky kid who will be 10 years old actually enjoys. It's a marker spray gun by Crayola. At first he was reluctant but now he enjoys it. Just make sure when buying the markers you buy the ones that say made for the crayola airspray gun! We bought the 64 pack of markers along w/ the spray gun and the kids have had a ton of fun making artwork on canvas for their bedrooms. The kids fight over who will use the sprayer next. It's a lot of fun and the kids get to express their creativity with a finished product. And it plugs into the wall so no running out of batteries! I also love that you can use it with all sorts of stencils. The gun also comes w/ stencils and a 5 pack of markers to get you started. The 64 pack of markers lets the creative juices flow. The kids love it. 9
The Servant
Ok Ya'all. You NEED to watch The Servant. Great series to help you pass the time. I'm are in need of more shows, please leave me your favs!!
Watch TV and movies FREE
I’ve found quiet a few FREE ways to stream at home. Pluto TV, Tubi TV, Sling TV are all free for at least a trial period- which you can usually get for 1 up to a month free.
New games
My husband and I ordered a few new games to help pass the time while staying home. We got sushi go! (Card game), love letter (card game) and gloom in space (card game). It’s so nice to enjoy something new and get a little healthy competition going!
My family and I have been so bored with the shelter in place order. We found playing games to keep us from going insane. Our favorite one is monopoly. Along with Trouble, hungry hungry hippo, jenna, and cards
Arts and Crafts
I am a very crafty person and have been working on crocheting an Octopus rug. It is so cute! It has a top hat and a bow tie. I bought the pattern on Etsy and it is so much fun. I am also making plant markers out of clay for my garden. They are super cute. I can't wait to hear everyone's ideas on how to stay entertained at home. Thanks!
Walking Dead
The Walking Dead caught me by surprise. My husband begged me to watch it with him. I was not happy about it either. After the 1st season I was addicted. The show provides enormous amounts of entertainment. The show is a insight of what the world would be and how it changes a person when people turn into walkers (zombies). There is so much action and drama that keeps you wanting more. My family gets together every Sunday night and watching Walking Dead on AMC. You have to watch this series. I LOVE THE SHOW! #WalkingDead #AMC #Reesetishas2cents #Walkers @Amcthewalkingdead @thewalkingdead @reesetisha #Zombies #Reesetisha
Keeping you entertained
I would say that best things that you can do to make sure that you stay entertainment is watch Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime since they always have tons of show that are original but also lots of movies.
Home entertainment
Having home entertainment is a great way to just relax in the comfort of your own home and I definitely recommend it.
I 100% recommend playing Life is Strange 2. What a great story line. It is like an interactive movie - I cried a few times! I played non-stop like I was binge watching a show. If you (or your kids!) have an Xbox One (I know no one likes xbox blah blah), and have the Game Pass; all 5 episodes are on there. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe (:
Netflix, Hulu, sling and Philo have been our boredom savers lol but u can only do and watch so much, especially with kids before it all gets to boring for them too lol
Binge watching
Netflix always has new shows and movies that are binge-worthy. Definitely been a life saver during these unfamiliar and trying times. Stay inside, enjoy your family.
DIY projects
Perfect time to re-decorate, paint or declutter. Or find a new hobby such as painting, kitting, sewing, etc. I decided I needed a pop of color in my new room so I painted my dresser. No better time then now!
Enjoy this time with others
Now's the perfect time to slow things down and enjoy the company of others in your household. It's a good time to declutter and organize. Finish projects. Its given me time to complete craft projects that I started months ago. It's a great time to catch up on light reading. Play games or do puzzles. Go for walks if you can, while social distancing. Make the most of what you have
Board games, crossword puzzles,jigsaw puzzles,outdoor activities. Lots for you and your family to do. Arts and crafts

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