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Home Tester Club Tips: Home fitness
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Stretches, weights and bands! Oh yeah!
I love to work out at home but in these trying days it can often be a bit boring. Especially since I belong to a gym and did so to get rid of most of my home equipment that were taking up a lot of space. That said I did keep my recumbent bike and i use that daily while watching GMA and am now up to 2 hours per day. I also use my yoga mat to do stretches and I use my dumbells. I also still have my Zumba step and some bands and use those while working out on a daily basis. In total I have too much time being cooped up in the house working from home so my wife and I also have devised a way that we get all the kids involved with working out together. We have a competition. The kids can work out safely with the resistance bands and doing situps, jumping jacks, etc. We do this to Simon Says! Kids think it's a fun game but we parents know our kids are getting a bit of exercise in. We also take a walk around the neighborhood (I live in a relatively suburban area) w/ our masks on as a family.
Home fitness
Thank you for all of the information and tips. Wonderful
necessary mat
It's important thing to choose right yoga mat for your workout. It helps u to achieve your goals in sport.
Yoga mat
I have a yoga mat at home. It is great for stretching because it is softer than my floors. It is comfortable to do yoga on as well as ab workouts to cushion my back. I won’t workout without it at home! A necessity for sure.
Staying Active
I got a yoga mat for my birthday and it has motivated me to start doing some light stretches, sit-ups, push-ups and slowly get back into yoga and meditation. I was doing it about a year ago, then stopped do to a change in personal circumstances. I really want to build up to start doing some aerobics or dancing, especially with all the free videos being offered online right now due to the pandemic. Although it's hard for me to get motivated to get up and go upstairs from my basement studio to the living room to exercise, once I do I'm glad that I did and it really improves my overall mood and lowers my stress and anxiety. Everyone keep up the good work! Its not all about losing a ton of weight either; just to get some physical activity in a few days a week can do wonders for whole body health!
Home workout
I used to take a hip class 3 times a week and it has been hard to switch over to online classes. I need some serious motivation to sweat it out at home. I have been dancing and watching videos on youtube. I also have a small resistance band and do an upper body workout in the morning. I also do push ups and sit ups. I want to maintain my flexibility and so I work on my splits and do squats. I would love to hear about everyones home work outs. Thanks!
Yogo mat
Love it always use it to work out at home or yoga def worth it
Home workouts
I feel home workouts are the only thing keeping me sane during this entire pandemic. I like home workouts the most because they can fit into any schedule and any amount of equipment.
Home fitness
I feel like the best way to stay active when your at home would be to use Treadmill. I use mine at least 5 times week to stay active right at home. I find that works to help destress also
New workout plan
I've started a new workout at home and it's going great so far I alternate between riding on a stationary bike and just doing jumping jacks or sit ups etc it's a struggle on some days but on other days the more I workout and see results the better and it's getting easier than before.
Starting Out!!
Okay so I'm just starting out on this workout journey this works some work from home journey I really am enjoying it it's hard some days are easier than others I find that if I'm just looking for videos I'm doing a lot on YouTube and I'm just kind of like cycling through I do a lot of yoga I'm just starting Pilates I'm doing some arm workouts and things like that I have a lot of things that I'm trying to kind of tighten up and tone up while we're on this quarantine and this new world that we live in so I can just say out of everything that I've experienced doing this homework out I really believe that this is like the best to kind of keep you motivated keep you focused keep you positive while you're stuck in the house so try it out!
Working out at home
I am working out at home every morning at 5. I have discovered Popsugar workouts and they are 20 - 30 minutes longs and you can choose from a variety of workouts. I has been fun to keep myself busy and getting into shape and feeling energized for the day. Especially with staying at home all day it is good to start the day active!
Just do it!
Some days are harder than others to get up and workout. Thankfully the weather has been amazing making it easier to get outside but if the weather isn't great there are still plenty of ways to exercise within the home. You can use the counter, couch or chair to do dips, single leg split squats. You can fill a backpack with rocks or cans to use as a weight or a gallon jug and you can lift, do curls, do thrusters. Googling at home exercises and body weight exercises is a great way to find workouts. By setting a timer it's a great way to challenge and push yourself.
Daily Yoga Making a Difference!
Incorporating yoga into my daily routine has really kept me grounded through the week! Laying out on the floor for 20-30 minutes, two or three times a day and stretching where needed can make a huge difference, not only physically but on your mental as well!
Working out at home
Working out form home has been such a benefit for my health. I have been able to lose weight and be in a better overall mood. It helps get those endorphins going. You dont need a a gym or all this fancy equipment. You can use alot of what you already have.

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