3.9 5 0 130 130 Our new and best-ever diaper has arrived! These super-absorbent, eco-friendly diapers are made with naturally derived and sustainable materials and they’re gentle for your baby’s delicate skin.
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Expected More
I expected way more from this product. In my opinion the sizing seems to run smaller than other brands. There is no wet indicator, I never knew when my baby was wet until his diaper was super full! The good thing, it holds a lot! But the amount I paid for this I just wish it was normal sized and has the wet indicator.
Cutest patterns
These diapers are by far the cutest! They have so many different designs to pick from and I’m all about options! They are absorbing and fir nicely! I love that they come out with holiday patterns too!
Good diapers
Only diapers I use, they hold well and they give my baby no type of irritation. I really wish they put more in the pack for the amount the diapers cost. Also wish they were sold at other retailers. Currently I can only get them from Target or Amazon.
I love the print on the diapers however they are a little rough in texture.
So cute!
I received a box of honest diapers as a baby gift and I was so excited to try them! The designs are so cute and them being natural i thought theyd be amazing! However these diapers caused a rash for my son. Although its possible it may have not been the diapers i still had other issues with leaking and i thought they were too rough and not as soft as i would have liked!
Perfect and gets the job done
Honest diapers are the most trust worthy and reliable diapers. I have used them with both my children and never have had any issues with their diapers unlike other competitor brands.
Nice diapers, but over priced.
The diapers are nice, awesome prints, and are pretty soft, and hold up well! But the price of these diapers is a bit much in my opinion. It takes a while for shipping as well. I was overall satisfied with the product itself, but I’d rather not pay so much for them.
Pretty good
I love these for my daughter for the look of the cute prints. However I wish they had an indicator to let me know she has a wet diaper
So cute
The designs are so cute. It fits well on my daughter. I love how it is chemical free. However, it is not as soft. The absorbance compared to other brand isn't as great, but still works. No leakage so far. No line indictor since it's chemical free.
Great diapers
I love the prints but more than anything that is chemical free, eco friendly and hypoallergenic. I have used this brand on my two daughters and never have seen them getting an allergic reaction them at all. I recommend to try this brand.
Love the designs
The only thing I really liked about these diapers are the different designs. They’re not soft diapers and my baby wasn’t comfortable wearing them.
Not a fan
Not soft enough for baby. I felt these diapers were too rough for my newborn. I bought because I liked the designs and it looked really nice but I want my baby to be comfortable instead of looking nice.
I tried this brand on my daughter and I personally didn't like it. It doesn't hold or absorb very well and it's very thin pamper
Thumbs Up
We’ve tried about every diaper brand and the Honest Co. has got to be our favorite. They hold everything in and are the softest plus have the cutest prints! I would definitely recommend!
The best!
Best choice of diapers, I found some packs on sale and used them for my newborn the first month. They are super cute and soft to the touch, perfect for sensitive skin. Won’t buy at full price, too expensive for my household.

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