3.9 5 0 171 171 Our new and best-ever diaper has arrived! These super-absorbent, eco-friendly diapers are made with naturally derived and sustainable materials and they’re gentle for your baby’s delicate skin.
Honest® Diapers
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a bit rougher and dryer than most other ones
its a bit dryer and rougher than the other diapers ive tried
Honest Diaper
I Love this Honest Diaper item . This item is so great and also very affordable and my baby loves it . its a very comfortable diaper for babies . I suggest you guys to buy these diapers.
Good diapers, but not super absorbent. I wouldn't recommend these for long nights. My baby never got a diaper rash while wearing these, but his clothes were wet a few times. I love the designs, but overall the diaper isn't the best bang for your buck!
They may leak
I tried out Honest® Diapers from a complimentary sample from a baby registry bag. I wasn't to impressed. The diaper itself wasn't to absorbent, i do not recommend you use as an overnight diaper for this reason. We've had 2 incidents where poop went up the back. I wasn't too impressed in my opinion. It may work out for other people just not us.
These diapers are absolutely horrible!!! My 5 month old son constantly peed through them, and always broke out when he'd wear them! We switched to huggies & haven't had anymore issues. I definitely do not recommend this brand of diapers
Great for newborns
I love these diapers as they are great for the sensitive skin that newborn babies have! My newborn baby did very well with these diapers. The coverage and absorbency is great and was great on my newborns bottom. Not only are they a great diaper but they look really cute too. I absolutely love the honest products.
Descent diaper
These are definitely more natural and probably better overall for you baby or kid. However, I’m so used to Huggies that these seemed to not hold as well with an on the go 2yr old.
Favorite Diapers
I switched to using this brand exclusively when my son was two months old. They are by far the best diapers I have ever used. Soft, absorbent, and great quality for the price.
Good not great
Honest company makes super cute diapers, and I haven’t had any leaks when we’ve used them. I like that they use quality ingredients. However, they need a wet diaper line. It’s so handy. It’s also a little pricey for the average person.
Too pricy
Honest gentile and absorbent diapers are fine with very cute prints, but they’re definitely not as absorbent as others. They’re fine in a pinch but would not recommend to a friend.
The honest company diapers are adorable! But I wouldn't buy them. I had gotten a huge box of them for my baby shower. I thought they were the cutest thing! However, they left my newborn with a very red bottom. Besides that issue and the price the diapers are good. They do absorb nice and keeps baby dry. Maybe I'll try again when she's a little bit older. Wouldn't recommend for a newborn for sure.
Not great for overnight diapers
These have very cute prints, but durability wise not so much. My 2 year old doesn’t like these at all. He constantly complains they are itchy and. Irritate his skin. They are a little Big on the rougher side for fabric and material. They don’t last well over night. He almost Always pees outside of them. Which is very frustrating.
Not impressed
These diapers don't have enough absorbance for my kids. Almost every time I use them they leak. Luckily I was gifted them so I didn't spend any money, which is good because I won't.
Supper expensive
I received a view samples and coupons. It did the job I guess, but nothing beter than other diapers. These are just sooooo expensive. I did not even use the coupons as other diapers were the same quality for half the price even with the coupons included. So if price does not bother you i guess i'll say go for it.
I thought these were alright. They didn't hold a lot of "waste" my child produced. The designs are super cute and the packaging is adorable! However, they are expensive and the quality isn't the greatest. I honestly enjoy the wipes more.

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