4 5 0 160 160 Our new and best-ever diaper has arrived! These super-absorbent, eco-friendly diapers are made with naturally derived and sustainable materials and they’re gentle for your baby’s delicate skin.
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Favorite diapers but too expensive
These diapers don’t leak, are super cute designs, and durable. Not to mention what their company stands for, no harmful materials.. that being said, I would have given them a perfect 5/5 star review, however, they are way too expensive!!
Not my favorite
No leaks but I just don’t like these diapers. Cute prints. But there is no color indicator to give a visual cue for when your baby has peed. And they don’t squish up like other brands so you can easily feel that baby needs a change. So it’s like I’m just always trying to guess if baby is wet or dry.
Great Natural Diaper Brand
I received a box of newborn diapers at my baby shower. I was excited to read that these diapers don't have any harsh chemicals as other popular brands do. The designs were super cute but it would be nice to have the yellow indication line that turns blue that most other diapers brands have. They are also more expensive compared to ther natural brand of diapers which is hard to be to continue to purchase but would definitely recommend to others that would prefer a diaper that doesn't have a lot of harsh chemical and fragrance.
These diapers are what I trusted most for both of my children’s first diapers. I appreciate the design on the outside as well as the inside. The only downside is they can be pretty pricey. If you are subscribed to them online cancellation is easy. Buying in store provides coupon opportunities to make more affordable. Love honest co and the changes being made in products for our children.
These are very cute but for me they didn’t feel soft at all compared to the other diaper brands I had tried. I think if they were made to be a little softer they would have been a huge hit with me especially since I loved the designs on them.
These diapers had cute designs and I like the idea of being free from harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, they just weren't absorbent enough and they did not have a wetness indicator.
I only purchase when I have a good coupon or referral rewsrdd. Cute patterns. Great for sensitive skin. H Good leak control. A little bulky.
Does the trick
I received these at my baby shower. They haven't leaked thankfully but I do feel they are a bit too thin. I do worry they aren't absorbent enough and has the potential to leak. My biggest complaint though is there's no line on the diaper to tell you if it's wet or not, like some other brands do.
Awesome Concept, Not Fully Executed
I used these diapers on my daughter for the first few months. I love them because they are free of many chemicals found in other diapers but I noticed a significant increase in blow outs when I used these diapers. I also noticed they don't absorb as well. I did not feel comfortable using these diapers while out, so we mostly used them while lounging around the house.
Cute designs but leaks
We really like the eco-friendliness of this diaper and how they use less chemicals. However, this just leaks and is prone to blow outs. The fit is also smaller than the other known brands. Love the designs though.
Eco friendly diapers
The perfect non leaking diapers . Suitable for baby sensitive skins. The price is a bit higher than other brands , but it’s worth the price
18 Grandchildren - Pricey Diapers
Recently I bought these diapers for the youngest of my grandchildren. He seems to be allergic to some diapers made. I wanted to buy these to see if they helped him because of there claims of being the best for your baby. I have bought A LOT of diapers over the years and I feel like for the amount of diapers you get... These are just too pricey. I have found other brands of diapers that didn't break him out for less.
Love Honest
I love Honest diapers! Not only do they come in the cutest designs but I have never had an issue with leaking. They have great designs for both girls and boys.
honest diapers
I liked the way the diapers held up no leaks and no mess and they fix really good on my baby and they never sagged like some diapers do and the leak protection held up and they never broke on the sides
Works well
I tried these diapers when they first came out and they worked well and they had super cute designs on them.

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