3.9 5 0 171 171 Our new and best-ever diaper has arrived! These super-absorbent, eco-friendly diapers are made with naturally derived and sustainable materials and they’re gentle for your baby’s delicate skin.
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Not impressed
These diapers don't have enough absorbance for my kids. Almost every time I use them they leak. Luckily I was gifted them so I didn't spend any money, which is good because I won't.
Supper expensive
I received a view samples and coupons. It did the job I guess, but nothing beter than other diapers. These are just sooooo expensive. I did not even use the coupons as other diapers were the same quality for half the price even with the coupons included. So if price does not bother you i guess i'll say go for it.
I thought these were alright. They didn't hold a lot of "waste" my child produced. The designs are super cute and the packaging is adorable! However, they are expensive and the quality isn't the greatest. I honestly enjoy the wipes more.
Never had a problem...
I've never had an issue with these diapers. If it weren't for the price, I'd buy them more frequently. I can get the same protection with other diapers that I use for cheaper. The designs are adorable though and the protection has always been great.
Cute design but no marking
I love all the really cute designs but then there is no markings on the outside that indicate if the child is dry or not. Very frustrating when in a hurry and then because they are so thick, you really cant tell.
Excellent diapers
These are the best diapers I have used on my Great Grandbaby. They are very soft and They do not leak and keeps wetness away from the baby.
smaller ands stiff
I am not really a fan of these because the lack in stretch and are very stiff and hard on the cover. The covers are so cute in design but i don't think they are as comfortable as some of the other stofer brands. However, we do need more ecofriendly diapers in this world. I just wish these had a better feel to them. My daughter definilty did not get an allergic reaction to these at all either which was a great thing.
Great diapers!
We really like these diapers and try to buy them when they are on sale. The only thing that I would add would be a wetness indicator like some other brands have.
These diapers are GREAT! They’re a little costly but so totally worth it! Also they’re very easy on my boys skin!
I was able to purchase these diapers with a deal to good to pass on and I just love them. They are just way to costly to purchase on a regular basis.
The cutest can be the best
I was very skeptical about these diapers and several times cancelled my order because they were more expensive than the brand I was using and I wasn’t sure if they would work. I am so glad I pushed myself to place that order because not only are these diapers adorable, they are good for the planet and work like a charm.
Favorite diapers but too expensive
These diapers don’t leak, are super cute designs, and durable. Not to mention what their company stands for, no harmful materials.. that being said, I would have given them a perfect 5/5 star review, however, they are way too expensive!!
Not my favorite
No leaks but I just don’t like these diapers. Cute prints. But there is no color indicator to give a visual cue for when your baby has peed. And they don’t squish up like other brands so you can easily feel that baby needs a change. So it’s like I’m just always trying to guess if baby is wet or dry.
Great Natural Diaper Brand
I received a box of newborn diapers at my baby shower. I was excited to read that these diapers don't have any harsh chemicals as other popular brands do. The designs were super cute but it would be nice to have the yellow indication line that turns blue that most other diapers brands have. They are also more expensive compared to ther natural brand of diapers which is hard to be to continue to purchase but would definitely recommend to others that would prefer a diaper that doesn't have a lot of harsh chemical and fragrance.
These diapers are what I trusted most for both of my children’s first diapers. I appreciate the design on the outside as well as the inside. The only downside is they can be pretty pricey. If you are subscribed to them online cancellation is easy. Buying in store provides coupon opportunities to make more affordable. Love honest co and the changes being made in products for our children.

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