4 5 0 45 45 Our new and best-ever diaper has arrived! These super-absorbent, eco-friendly diapers are made with naturally derived and sustainable materials and they’re gentle for your baby’s delicate skin.
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Excellent Eco friendly diapers
I love honest diapers when compared to huggies and pampers etc. It actually absorbs complete. If you leave for 5 to 6 hrs no worries because it won't leak or makes skin irritated so no more rashes. The only thing the size is smaller when compared to other brands and little pricy but worth to buy in on-line.
Good but too expensive!
I would have given this a 5 star rating if they weren’t so expensive! They come with super cute designs and are great quality but what new parent has that kind of money to literally throw away?
Cute but not worth the money
Cute designs but don’t love the absorbency and find that the sizes run smaller than other brands. Personally don’t find them worth the money but would use if they were a gift
Its a good product that i tried over all. I would like for them to be more absorbed for babies. But they are good enough.
Our Fav!
Our 2 month old have been using these since birth. I love the skull, animal patterns and the feather patterns. So many cute patterns and free of any harmful chemicals and or dyes. He’s currently in a size 1 diaper and they fit perfectly like they should. These are affordable when you buy in bulk honestly my opinion. We didn’t notice compared to a pampers size one diaper the honest is slightly smaller BUT like I said before it fits perfect!! Hold all his pee in diaper when he sleeps 5-6 hours straight at night
Very cute
As they are so cute the sizes are not quite as great . My nephew is in a size 3 so I got a box of the 3 but turns out only one of his tiny cheeks can stay in the diaper at once lol . So I donated the box to another family needing size 2 because they ran very small . Plan to try again but a bigger size
These are our go to diapers they don’t cause rashes and they hold the potty so well! You always want to know about the products your using on our little one.
Honest co. Diapers
I have tried this brand before, there are no harsh chemicals and no bad ingredients
Honest Diapers
They are very good diapers and I like they are eco friendly and will not harm the environment when disposed of and are gentle on my baby's skin but they do leak at times
Love honest
I have bought this product before and I love these diapers! They have the best designs, do not leak and are safe for baby’s skin.
Multiple issues
I had heard about Honest diapers and loved the idea natural products with no chemicals. My baby had issues with certain brands that would cause skin irritation up to severe rashes. I was stuck buying pricy Huggies and these diapers cost the same but also had awesome cute designs. I figured why not? So why not? Because they leak horribly. Poor design and ill-fitting even on the best of days. I had never had so many clothing changes on my child as when I used these diapers. I would have to take several outfits whenever we went anywhere and they would all be used by the time we got back. That alone made these diapers a nuisance but that was only the beginning. The rash that came with these diapers was worse than anything my baby had experienced before. We ended up taking him to the doctor because it was so bad. Between my doctor and myself, we decided against using that type/brand of diapers ever again. I threw the rest of the packages away.
Made my daughter break out & they leak
I was very excited to try these because I've heard such great things about this company! So I bought a pack & they were a nightmare for us! We experienced so many problems with these diapers that I was very shocked when they didn't work for us! I had high expectations reading all the reviews on these but unfortunately for my 21 month old these gave her nothing but problems! First they leaked overnight, while our old ones never did, then they got so bulky after just one use & finally they made my daughter's poor skin down there break out & as soon as I switched back to the old ones, none of the above problems happened! So, I've learned a very valuable lesson that just because something costs alot doesn't necessarily mean that it's better quality then the lesser priced item! They seem like such a wonderful company & I like the features of their diapers but for our family they just didn't work out!
Great diapers for a good price
We have used with all 4 grandbabies and live them. No leaks or rashes like other brands.
yes definitely
Jessica alba's did the damn thing and by using healthier safer ingredients for our most precious blessings. I love this brand this is definitely going to be the future.
Love how fun and colorful they are!!!!
I have two boys and i have tried this and I love how fun and colorful there were....I just hope they weren’t to pricey but other then that I really like them I would definitely recommend to a family with a organic/ all natural home vase.

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