5 5 0 15 15 Give those dry, irritated patches plenty of love with a body wash gentle enough for eczema-prone skin.
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This product is very very good product I really like it
Great for irritation
My daughter has eczema and this helps so much! The smell is also amazing, and the fact it has clean ingredients just makes it that much better!
It soothed my poor poison ivy covered body
I got into poison ivy this past weekend and I am coveted head to toe. I have been miserable so I went to my friends house and she gave me this to try. It felt Sooooooo GOOD! I must have been in the bath for an hour. It soothed my skin and gave me the relief i have needed all week. A bonus is the beautiful aroma it fills the room with. When I got done the relief continued for a few hours and that is great compared to the others I tried. The only problem is that I need more. Really great product.
Nice this gooded. I am verry comtebsl fill this product
Honest Soothing Therapy Wash
Honest Soothing Therapy Wash Makes you relax and it makes my skin so much softer. I love ❤️ everything about #HONESTCOMPANY its a site filled with products that you can trust.
Gentle on the littles
My daughter has the most sensitive skin and this has caused her absolutely no irritation. I love the smell as well!
Smoothest skin ever
This made my skin feel smooth and fresh. It has such a calming effect that I can't go without it.
honestly awesome
I love this stuff and so does my wife. Clean and smooth all day. Does Not dry. It is a keeped in out house. It has become the one that we always buy and keep stocked up. It is for men and women
Safe for all skin
I love the clean smell and how this makes my skin feel.
Favorite company
Love the super soft scents. This brand is perfect for sensitive skin and noses.
This is the best I have ever used I strongly recommend this. It made my skin do a 360 from being dull to now being as livly and back to life. I have a all new favorite and it is this one. Thank you so much.
I'm already so pumped. I will definitely go and buy this this week. excellent reviews looks amazing
Todavía no he tenido la oportunidad de probar este producto hay muchas cosas muy buenas eh interesante donde me gustaría poder probar y calificar dicho producto genial me gusta
I think this one is best because my friend uses this and tell that it is a good product
Love this product feels great smells wonderful and makes my skin so soft

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