4.9 5 0 25 25 Give those dry, irritated patches plenty of love with a body wash gentle enough for eczema-prone skin.
Honest® Soothing Therapy Wash
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Highly recommend
I started using this body wash a couple months ago. I love it. It is good for my skin and has a nice fresh scent. I have used the other body washes for years. They're all good.
I love the honest baby lavender wash
I love the honest lavender baby wash. I haven't tried the other ones but the wash is lovely. I have tried other honest products and I loved them
I like this
This is a great product. I tried it and loved it. It is just a little too much for my budget to keep using it. It is great for a gift though. Guess if you are not bothered by the price it is a great every day use.
I absolutely love this after bath time for my children! It leaves their skin soft and smelling great!
Amazing body wash
I just love Honest company. This body wash really mosturizes and cleanses. Good amount of suds and fragrance as well!
Poison free
Clean ingredients. Love that Honest products have honest ingredients, free of chemicals and dyes, and safe for your skin
I love this baby wash it works great and my baby just loves it to. Safe for the skin .
As with all of the Honest Company products, this one was wonderful. I really enjoyed the scent and it left my baby's skin so soft.
Honest soothing therapy wash
This product lives up to its name. Pleasant scent, creamy but not oily and gentle enough to use everyday. Thanks Honest!
Highly Recommended
Awesome product gentle and no harsh chemical involve, I am always read the ingredients, good for skin, it leave smoother and it didn't dry up. Highly recommended.
It's amazing. I absolutely love this product. It's soothing and not oily.
Takes some time
If your using this for eczema it will take a few weeks to notice an improvement. It has a very light scent that's pleasant too.Great Product !
Love the scent
Honest brand never disappoints! I loved the trial pack of this wash I tried. Very pretty scent, and soothes your skin.
Honest body wash
This wash is the best i have tried so far it helps to calm my skin which was dry and irritated and easy to apply and has a very good smell plus leaves no hard to remove residues buy more
This product is very very good product I really like it

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