4.7 5 0 108 108 Chocolate organic low fat milk. Excellent source of vitamin D and calcium.
Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk
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Delicious and good for you.
My two boys love it! They think of these as “special treats” Not only are the good for you but they taste great!
Horizon Chocolate Milk
Horizon Chocolate Milk seems to be the preferred brand of chocolate milk in our local restaurants. These are great to take on the go, and they are shelf stable, so they have appeal. However, the price is a little steep, so if you're just lounging at home, it might be more cost efficient to whip up a glass using milk from your fridge and some chocolate syrup/powder.
Tastes good
I seen this milk at my local grocery store and it wasn't in the cold and I wanted to see how it tasted so I bought it and for a shelf stable milk I have to say it's actually pretty good and if you was looking into trying it I would highly suggest trying it.
Too sweet
I love it but it's too sweet, it's more like a nibbling snack, take a couple sips, then come back for more later.
Great Taste
I love buying this milk because it taste very good and horizon organics have alot of other amazing flavors and it has alot of benefits to help balance my body and my family also love this milk.
Perfect snack!!
A little expensive but great to have on hand in case we need to pack a snack!It has been difficult to get to the grocery store every week. We love icecream, but can't keep it in the fridge that long, and this is a good alternative. It freezes well and makes a pretty good snack
My daughter loves this chocolate milk. She loves that they have straws too. I like that they are packed with good nutrients and taste great.
I buy these for my children to drink at lunch. They really enjoy the chocolate flavor and I like how simple these are to pack for on the go.
Choco delight
I love everything chocolate and this is a great tasting chocolate milk. Would be better it was a little less sweet.
My son loves Horizon Organic chocolate milk. & I love that it has vitamin D and calcium. The flavor always tastes fresh and best right out of the refrigerator. I would recommend this product to family and friends.
Delicious chocolate milk.
This chocolate milk came in cute little containers. It was easy to hold and was good for on-the-go. It tasted fresh and didn't have any after taste. The chocolate milk was smooth and delicious.
Best choice
Absolutely perfect. Everything I expected and wanted
Organic = peace of mind
First of all this milk is delicious! My kids like and so do we. The best part is that the milk is organic and i don't have to worry about pesticides, herbicides, etc. I love how the milk is shelf stable and it doesn't need to be refrigerated until we are ready to drink it!
Kiddo Loves this stuff
this is my sons goto chocolate milk drink. I love the taste as well.
Definitely Recommend
This chocolate milk is so good! I love that I can just grab one on the go if I'm headed somewhere or if I don't want to dirty up a cup. I do get a little worried that it doesn't have to be refrigerated at all times, but other than that it's a wonderful product.

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