4.8 5 0 93 93 Chocolate organic low fat milk. Excellent source of vitamin D and calcium.
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Definitely Recommend
This chocolate milk is so good! I love that I can just grab one on the go if I'm headed somewhere or if I don't want to dirty up a cup. I do get a little worried that it doesn't have to be refrigerated at all times, but other than that it's a wonderful product.
Can’t seem to keep it on the shelf
The Horizon Organic Chocolate Low-fat Milk is an everyday staple in my home. It goes in the lunchbox and us always the first thing that the kids ask for when they get home from school. It’s organic and the new taste Is so delightful.
My son raves about this product
I have never been a milk person even as a child, my son is the exact opposite he adores his chocolate milk. As an adult I buy almond milk for myself but this is the perfect common ground that I can approve of my child consuming. It’s exactly what he wants while also being healthy and giving me peace of mind.
Great taste.
Myself and kids love the taste. Great for on the go also. Priced fairly!
Love Organic
Great taste and convenient. Like the size. Great when I just want a chocolate milk on the go.
milk heaven
milk from heaven, that how we refer for horizon chocolate mil, the best chocolate flavor milk you can get for your children , organic no add stuff and incredible flavor, awesome for school lunch and for outdoor activities , you won't regret getting it
The Chocolate Cow
I am not a chocolate lover, but this was very refreshing. My granddaughters said it was the Best. This really hits the spot on a hot day.
A Family Favorite
The whole family loves this and it's so convenient to grab some deliciousness on the go!
This is really good and I love it! My overall opinion is it's really good! I love it's organic and the flavor! It doesn't need improvement in my opinion! Yes I would recommend this!
My kids love horizon
My kids really love horizon chocolate milks, they are always fresh and delicious. Really love these to-go milk jugs also. Great for traveling early in the morning to school. Highly recommend!!
My fav
These are always my go to for lunches! Great taste and healthy. Worth the price
Good choice!
My kids absolutely love Horizon Chocolate Milk and I absolutely love the fact that is organic.
a very healthy choice of milk. My kids love the taste and I love that it is organic
organic milk
for one it is made by horizon and i buy mostly all the products made by them we love this very much and it is so convient for me to give to my grandson in his lunchs and also it is very tasty and we love the benefits from it and also we use this all the time
Tasty Chocolate Milk
In college I use to drink these all the time as a quick replacement for a meal when running late to class. Now I drink them less often because I have a real fridge instead of a mini one and can fit a whole jug. However, I still get them for trips, lunches, and ready drink options for when my neices (ages 2 and 4) visit. It's delicious, convenient and even picky children love the taste and (relatively) spill-free packaging.

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