4.8 5 0 54 54 Chocolate organic low fat milk. Excellent source of vitamin D and calcium.
Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk
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My fav
These are always my go to for lunches! Great taste and healthy. Worth the price
Good choice!
My kids absolutely love Horizon Chocolate Milk and I absolutely love the fact that is organic.
a very healthy choice of milk. My kids love the taste and I love that it is organic
organic milk
for one it is made by horizon and i buy mostly all the products made by them we love this very much and it is so convient for me to give to my grandson in his lunchs and also it is very tasty and we love the benefits from it and also we use this all the time
Tasty Chocolate Milk
In college I use to drink these all the time as a quick replacement for a meal when running late to class. Now I drink them less often because I have a real fridge instead of a mini one and can fit a whole jug. However, I still get them for trips, lunches, and ready drink options for when my neices (ages 2 and 4) visit. It's delicious, convenient and even picky children love the taste and (relatively) spill-free packaging.
Super gusta a niños y adultos delicioso y saludable
I'd saw this inbj warehouse so I'd got some for children lunches
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My daughter starts off every day with a glass of this milk. The added DHA starts her day off right and it really does make a difference in her morning alertness. I will continue to purchase this product again and again.
I have been purchasing more organic products for my family, exspecially for my two children who are 1 & 5 years old. I recently discovered Horizon. I bought their organic chocolate milk, needless to say, my children were over the moon! They love chocolate milk and love the Horizon Cow.
I buy these for my granddaughter. She absolutely loves it. Shes says its really good chocolate milk. Got to believe it when an 8 year old tells you!
My baby loves this organic chocolate milk from Horizon. I can bring it with us on trips or just to have on hand as a special treat. It's very good.
My son loves this chocolate milk! It's way healthier than regular Yoo Hoo and it tastes great! He picks it when we go grocery shopping!
My son absolutely LOVED these! His favorite drink ever is chocolate milk. Getting these does cost a little extra, but you don't have to keep them cool, so it was so easy to throw in the diaper bag and go.
Great product. I love how it’s shelf stable so I can buy in bulk and not have to worry about it. The taste is great and my kids love it.

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