4.8 5 0 93 93 Chocolate organic low fat milk. Excellent source of vitamin D and calcium.
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I saw this in the store and decided to buy it for my children, I'm always looking for healthy items and they loved this milk, now it's easier to get them to drink milk. I'm very grateful. Now they go get the milk without me telling them...
This product is organic and great tasting. It is great for school lunches and snacks!
This milk is so creamy, and the chocolate is good, it doesnt have that fake cocoa taste to it, highly recommend! even their plain white milk is the best!
I buy this at Sam's Club for four year old son lunches. No worry about spoilage just put an ice pack in her bag! She loves it
I l9ve about everything I have read about this horizon chocolate milk so far,and I would love to try it out to see how it taste before purchasing it in store,being that everyone in my home loves charlotte milk.
No, but I am willing to try and give my opinion about how I like or disliked.
Love chcolate milk be great try this organic yummy.
My sister told me about Horizon Chocolate Milk. She loves it and knows I will too. I can't wait to purchase it!
Have not tried, would love to sample. I love milk. Please consider
Me encataria probar esta bebida organica de chocolate
I never heard of this be for id like to try a free sample for my kids thank you.
Never had organic chocolate milk,Love chocolate milk be nice to try this product
I would love to send Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk to school in my kids lunches. It would be a nice change from juice.
I love their milk but never tried the chocolate flavor before. I would love to try it to see if I like it
my kids love to drink milk and i am sure they would love to try this and i fig that it be healthy

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