4.8 5 0 390 390 Little Movers are designed for active babies, with a special contoured shape for added comfort and Double Grip Strips that hold the diaper in place during active play.
Huggies Little Movers Diapers
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Incredible diapers
I LOVE huggies! I love how flexible the little movers are for my children. No other diaper compares with how flexible they are. I wouldn’t change anything about the product!
My favorite
This is my favorite brand of diapers. Not only because of how well they fit my child, but also because my child was on the heavy side when smaller and the largest diaper size available was 6 and these would fit her perfect compared to other brands that were too tight for her
The Best !!!!
I loveeeeeeee these diapers they hold so well during the day !
Great product
My kids have used this specific diaper product and it is perfect not bulky and it is comfortable for them holds their business pretty well
Moving right along...
We only used these a few times because I didn't have that many pks. But they have good leak protection and they really do move with the baby. Also have really good gripping from the Velcro closures. I didn't have to concern myself with her removing the diaper and streaking through the house (like she tends to do in the Pull-ups).
Huggies are the best diapers ever made, these are no exception. These lil movers are especially designed for babies that are always moving around. Like toddlers, crawlers or walkers. They have extra perfection around the sides to keep wetness in the diaper. I was impressed with these diapers!!!
Very pleased
Great product!!!! My son is able to comfortably run around with ease, and without any leakage. Which make both of us very happy.
Hold a lot
They fit well and hold like they should. No problems with them
Love this brand and product, would recommend of course
A must by
It's the best diapers in stock will not go wrong with this purchase
On the move and no accidents
These are the best diapers on the market I would say. I've tried multiple brands and all have had some sort of leak but not the huggies little movers diapers.
Love this style!
This is my favorite style and brand of diapers. The extra grip tabs are so convenient for added security.
I love huggies
I have used huggies for both of my children. They are by far the best brand I have ever used. They have never leaked even after a long night. I recommend this brand to all of my girlfriends.
No better diaper than Little Movers
Since my son has been crawling these diapers have been on his butt. And they don’t disappoint. They don’t ride up his crack, he never pulls at them. They don’t leak. They seem to hold a gallon of urine. They’re the best.
Love these Diapers!
If your looking for a diaper that provides dryness for hours, This is the diaper. Even with Active babies that never seem to sit still these Diapers have them covered. This is my Go too Diaper Brand. The Value is not bad either for the way they last. Usually You can find Coupons on Huggies website.

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