5 5 0 3 3 Infusium Moisturize + Replenish Original Leave-in Treatment has been repackaged and is now available in a newly designed 13-fl.oz. pack. The product contains the i-23 Complex, which is described as a customized blend of proteins and conditioners, said to repair, restore, restructure and treat even the most damaged hair for the healthier look. It features the classic light and soothing scent, infused with avocado and olive oils, claimed to help hydrate and quench dry, dull hair, providing 6x more moisturized hair.
Infusium Moisturize + Replenish Original Leave-in Treatment
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Locks Smoother
I use this on my natural curls to give them strength without frizz. We also use for our daughter who has alopecia, she has little hair and what she does we want to protect and not break off while combing. It smells nice and does what we need it to do!
Infusium Moisturize + Replenish Original Leave-in Treatment. This made my hair really soft
Timeless and great product! When I was younger i used to steal it from my sister because i liked the way it smelled and how soft it made my hair. I have been using it ever since!
20+ years ago I used to use a leave-in smoothing product called Infusium23. My experience with that definitely makes me interested to try out this product!

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