Jergens Travel Size natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mouss

4.3 5 0 139 139 uniquely works with your skin tone to mimic results from the natural sun, free of orange hues.
Jergens Travel Size natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mouss


This is a great product for the price. It goes on nicely, doesn’t leave streaks, and doesn’t have that unpleasant smell a lot of self tanners have!
Budget self tanner
This is a wonderful self tanner if your on a budget and need something quick to pick up at the grocery store. The formula doesn’t streak and while I do wish the color was a bit darker it still gives enough of that sun kissed glow.
Well let me start by saying I love all Jergens tanning products. They are usually the only ones I am able to use without looking noticeably fake. This one wasn’t my absolute favorite, I felt it was harder to blend then the regular lotion and left me a little streaky. Not bad, just requires more effort and you have to wash your hands very well after
Not great
I have tried this in the past looking for a self tanner. The price is reasonable but you get what you pay for. Although the mousse is easy to rub in, it is so noticeably streaky.
Almost streak free
This was a very nice self tanning mouse for my skin. It went on amazingly with my medium skin tone and gave me a nice tan. It was slightly a little darker than my skin usually is when it does tan or i use other tan bronzers but it was still nice. I wouldve gavw it 5 stars but you could slightly see a few streaks from it.
Was a good experience
I have used this brand for many years. I recommend exfoliating your skin first to get the best results. This makes application so easy and gaurenteed streak free. One of the best self tanners.
Instant Glow
I tried this Jergens Instant Glow a few months back and I thought it was easy to apply but left streaks on my skin and was a tad too dark. Everything else was great about the product.
So this is a review for the travel size but I have the full sized product. I keep it in my bathroom at all times. I'm a self tan freak and this helps in between to keep it looking fresh!
Quality, streak-free product for its pricing point
Taking into account the price and result of this sunless tanner mousse from L’Oréal, I am very satisfied with the results. The coloring doesn’t look orange, the tint isn’t substantially dark, and I have only encountered a streak once around my knees. This is perfect for someone on the pale side like me that needs instant results of a faux sun kissed shade. There’s a lot of similar, expensive Products on the market and this gets the job done without breaking your bank.
Works better than most higher priced sunless ta
This is a great product! I find the mousse very easy to apply and since it's got bronzer in it, it's much more foolproof because you can see where it's going when applying it. The color looks great and lasts for days. This is comparable, if not better than, the higher priced lines out there.
Sunless lotion
Natural looking tan. It didn't work that well. I would love to try different kinds of sunless tanning lotions. Maybe a different type of tanning Lotion. Yes always good to try
Great product
I have used this for the past few months and have been pleased with the results. The mousse is easy to apply without streaking, especially if you use a mitt. You do have to be careful around your heels and ankles. The tan shows up about 4 hours after applying and isn’t orange like many. I have found that I have to reapply after shaving and often after a shower. I’ve also learned to go ahead and exfoliate when I shower and plan to reapply each time. For the price, this is the best there is!!
Have used this product and it makes my palm of my hands look dirty even after washing them
Its a okay products
I say its okay because it does help with self tanning but it leaves streaks and turns your hands orange
Goes on easily and doesn’t leave that “sunless tanner streak” it gives you an all over glow with out the damage from the ☀️

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