Jergens Wet Skin Refreshing Coconut Oil Moisturizer

4.6 5 0 684 684 Quick absorbing formula blends with water on wet skin to instantly lock in hydration.
Jergens Wet Skin Refreshing Coconut Oil Moisturizer


Liquid lotion...
When you first apply after shower, it feels runny, then when I towel dry, I feel like I wipe most of it off. When I am dressed I do have some smell and some of the product on. Takes a bit to get used to!
Great for the summer
I love to use this product in the summer when I need to have hydrated skin but don't want to sweat my lotion off. Application is easy, the smell isn't overwhelming, and it stays on your skin.
Leaves skin soft
Really enjoy using Jergens Wet Skin moisturizer. My favorite thing about it is that it leaves skin incredibly soft without that icky greasy residue some lotions leave. Would definitely recommend this to others.
Excellent lotion
I love jergens lotions and this one is fantastic! The scent is amazing and not overpowering but spot on. The lotion isn’t too oily or gross but just perfect to glide on your skin.
Doesn't feel greasy or weird!
I was hesitant at first thinking this would feel like lotion and leave that weird greasy feel and that towel drying would then be messy, but it actually doesn't. It's not a world of a difference, but it's still some nice added moisture, especially following a shave.
Soft and silky
I have very dry skin so I've tried a lot of different lotions and body conditioners. Nothing has helped as much as this did. I never felt greasy or slimy. The smell is wonderful. Not to soft and not to strong. I'm telling you if you want smooth soft silky skin run to the nearest store and grab a bottle or two and see for yourself how much of a difference only 1 shower makes.
Superior to Lotion
Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer is superior to regular lotion, in my opinion. It is easy to use and you can just use it right in the shower and not have to take the extra step of using lotion after you dry off. It smells amazing and leaves my skin soft and smooth all day. It truly does lock in hydration and keeps my skin supple! Highly recommend this!
I absolutely LOVE this stuff!
I honestly didn't know what to expect with this moisturizer. You put it on as soon as your done in the shower, while your skin is WET! I imagined it would be some messy, greasy oil. It's definitely not! I put it on before I step out of the shower then just dry as normal. There's no greasy mess on the towel and my skin loves this stuff! It makes it so soft! It is way better than I expected it to be! I use it after every shower! It smells nice too!
Fabulous lotion
Been using this for a while now absolutely love it. Not greasy at all and just have to apply once a day
Soft skin
I tried this product and worked great. I have dried skin and this keep it soft.
Great lotion for busy routine!
I liked the product because it was easy and fast to apply when I am on a time crunch. Smells like any ordinary drugstore lotion. It’s the convenience that makes this a great purchase.
Pretty Good
I have used wet skin moisturizers in the past and was excited when I saw this one by Jergens. I have been using it for a few weeks and I really don't feel that it moisturizes that well. It does absorb quickly and has a very light scent, which is good. I use it right after stepping out of the shower. I just wish it provided more moisture to my skin.
Have feels great!
I really like this product. It isn't greasy or heavy on my skin
I am really bad about moisturizing my skin but I have gotten so much better since I started using a wet moisturizer. It is very quick and convenient to apply after you shower and I dont mind the way it feels on my skin afterward. Big fan of this!! Try it!!
Works Well
This lotion works well on wet skin. My skin feels soft and hydrated. The scent is pretty nice.

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