4.6 5 0 62 62 Crush brassy tones for cooler, brighter blonde in 1 use. With crushed violet and blue pigments, this rich formula instantly transforms even the most stubborn brassy yellow and orange tones into cooler, brighter blonde.
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love John Frieda because as someone with frizzy hair it really helps and makes it smooth and now or it to benefit blondes by keeping there hair from getting a bronze tone makes it even better.
Great purple shampoo for blondes
This shampoo really helps with the brassiness of my ash blond hair. I tend to pull red and this really helped keep that under control.
Blondes NEED this!
THis shampoo is PERFECT for when you cant get to the salon right away. It takes all the brassiness out of our hair instantly and revives it. Plus it smells so good and leaves your hair super soft.
See your stylist less often
Face it, as much as we LOVE our hair stylist it’s expensive to see them. I stretch my visits for color an additional two weeks by using color shampoo and conditioner! Make sure to let it sit in your hair while you shave in the shower for best results. With out this product my hair starts turning orange at four weeks.
Me gustó, yo realice un balayage en mi cabello hace tiempo y ya se empezaba a ver anaranjado y con este shampoo si logre que se viera más rubio de nuevo, el cambio no es extremo pero si se ve mejor
Brass Buster
This purple shampoo has completely replaced all other shampoos I own for blonde hair. What I like most is how much it tones down the brassy look, especially for me living with well water. Great product, great price.
Really toned my hair
This toning shampoo works better by far than any other purple brassy toning shampoo I’ve ever used. It completely toned my hair after one wash, I was impressed! Only downfall is it does stain the shower a bit. Otherwise a wonderful product!
Not sure!
I like using purple shampoos and I like John Frieda but I only have noticed a slight lighter blonde if any with purple shampoos. Maybe because I’m not consistent with the purple shampoo
Brassy tone reduced
I'm 2018 I had blonde highlights. My natural color is very dark brown. It is often hard to get the cool toned blonde I want. It often ends up reddish and super brassy.I used this shampoo twice a week. It took a few washes but it did noticeably reduce that orangey tinge my highlights had and made my hair look fresh
I think it help get nicer shade of blond
I had what looked dull and now it's Brighter. I like this it also was easier to use in that squeezable container. I will for sure be buying this in my store .I am so excited to tell my daughter about it maybe you even have some for a red head.
I have blonde hair and all blondes know that in the summer our hair takes a beating with the chlorine in the pools and salt water at the beach. Using John Freida's Sheer Blonde Purple Shampoo is a great way to revitalize your hair and bring it back to life. It makes me feel like I just left the salon. I love how it enhances my blonde hair and brings the shine back. Along with feeling soft and smelling great.
Back to Blonde
For bleach blonde hair with highlights this product is a must. Highlights get dull and brassy looking after a few weeks. So here comes my violet crush ready to bring back life and brightness back to may hair.
Leaves hair with soft. W Shiney and smelling pretty while removing brassiness and dull looking blonde. Pulls soft subtle highlights through. My hair feels as good as it looks.
Great for removing brassiness
I often color my hair at home and after one of the sessions the end results left me with orange undertones. I found this product at my local Walmart after searching for something to r smoke the brassy orange color. Fearing I would have to recolor my hair I purchased it. It worked wonderfully after only one use. I always have it when I plan to color my hair now.
Brunettes have more fun!
I'm a brunette now but 2 weeks ago I was a blonde and this stuff was my go too it really took away that dried out bleached I had done and brought back the shine and smoothness will definitely use again if I ever decide to go back blonde!

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