Johnson's Baby Bath Honey Apple Hypoallergenic Body Wash

4.8 5 0 299 299 Cleanse and nourish delicate skin and hair with JOHNSON'S Baby Honey Apple Wash.
Johnson's Baby Bath Honey Apple Hypoallergenic Body Wash


I love the scent on the Johnson's baby bath honey apple. Team free. Rinses well. Lathers well.
I used this product on both of my sons and found the scent heavenly. It's great for a daytime bath; lavender is the way to go before bed.
This stuff is so good! I use it every time I bath my kids they love the smell also
We bought this for our grand daughters bath and it was so wonderful and pleasant. It was a big hit in this Grammies book!!!
Great smell. Leaves the babies skin soft and smooth.
I did not like the after smell. Almost smelled like a moldy apple. Yuck.
Love the smell. I actually use this to wash my dog because its not harmful
I have a confession to make.... I bought this for my younger kids 5, 3, & 1 but there have been stressful days I have used it myself while in the shower. This stuff is by far comparable to the scent of any of those expensive froufrou body washes, it is such a relaxing enjoyable scent and I don't have to panic as I am rinsing off and one of the kids scare the living poo out of me when I turn around and they are playing in the shower with the soap all over them because they snuck in on me.
Love the light gentle fragrance. It leaves my baby's skin so snugly soft. Love that it has no tear formula.
I am a smell enthusiast and this sent is amazing. I have tried many other scents from Johnson and this one wins hands down.
tHIS IS REALLY GOOD, Not only do I have a 1year old at home with very sensitive skin but more older kids aged 4 It's calming and cleans very well !!! 10/10 would buy again.
I love the way this baby lotion smells. It still has that same moisture but with a new nice scent. I recommend this product.
I have always used Johnson's baby products even on myself before having children! I love this scent the most. It smells just like apples and makes the body soft and smooth!
I would love to have a sample of this, I tried it when my daughter had some for her baby and it smelled AMAZING and made the baby skin so soft and put her right to sleep. Please send me a sample if you have any left. Thank you
Beat smelling baby wash yet!!! I love the way it smells on my little girl!!! It’s got a crisp apple smell that’s very nice!!!

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