Johnson's Baby Hand and Face Wipes

4.7 5 0 409 409 Babies can stay clean and safe on the go thanks to Johnson's Hand & Face Wipes.
Johnson's Baby Hand and Face Wipes


Purse essential!
Perfect for quick clean ups when you’re on the go! Especially when the bakery counter gives your kid a cookie in the store and the chocolate goes everywhere! Good for sensitive skin also
I love stocking up on these and literally carry them everywhere. I always have a pack in my purse and diaper bag because they come in handy. Especially with a 10 month old who likes to get her hands in everything!
Excellent for dirty little hands and faces!
I love these things! I always keep a pack in the diaper bag for quick clean ups. We do baby led weaning with my nine month old, and these are a super helpful when we out in public. Plus I like the way they feel and smell, and that they don't take up much space with their packaging.
Johnson's Hand and Face Wipes
Johnson's Hand and Face Wipes are great for when you're on the go and need to clean something up, face or hands, etc. Definitely recommend.
So helpful!
I love these wipes. I always have a reassured feeling that my baby has nice clean hands and face. They work great for cleaning up a sticky or dirty baby real quick and getting them refreshed!
Great for on the go
These are perfect to keep in the car or diaper bag. There perfect for cleaning messing hands and faces on the go. Sensible to baby’s skin as well. A must have for anyone with an active toddler!
These wipes really comes in handy and they smell amazing. They're very affordable and easy to use. Johnson & Johnson is a brand I know and trust.
Works well
Smells great and easy to use and bring with on trips.
The greatest
These are the best things ever. They are so handy. Smell wonderful. Great for them lil faces and hands.
Nice clean scent
These are great for stinky baby heads! My son is a sweaty little baby and he always is dribbling milk everywhere. These are awesome for a quick cleanup’s to get under little double chins and behind the ears to come back stinky spit up smell. Leaves you with a fresh bath smell.
Highly Recommended!
I use wipes for my pets, to clean up messes, and to remove my makeup. They perform much better than paper towels. These are wipes are very durable!
Love this product for my baby, its very hydrating and gentle on baby's skin
These wipes were really handy for cleaning up baby’s hands especially when travelling
Baby hand
I personally did not try this product, but I did buy it as a gift for a close friend of mine. She loves these children gadgets so much that I thought she was the perfect one to try this. She has two small newborns with dried skin. Baby hand
On-the-go must have
I take whenever we are traveling as they are refreshing, gentle and work for the entire family.

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