4.7 5 0 385 385 Babies can stay clean and safe on the go thanks to Johnson's Hand & Face Wipes.
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Perfect wipes for babies
These wipes are perfect for on the go messed and even at home. They are gentle and come in handy at spontaneous times! I love that these are a thing! I definitely recommend these wipes
Perfect for the car!
This product is a great one! Perfect for throwing in the glove box, center console or in the diaper bag for baby/toddlers when they want snacks in the car or decide to pick their nose. Ha!
Muy bueno
Tipo tela super suave para la piel del bb deja la piel fresca y con aroma
I love these wipes for when my little one makes a mess or is sweaty from too much play time. Does the job and smells great without any irritation
I love these for in between bath time - work great for all those baby rolls!
'Best Every
My kids are always touching things or getting dirty or getting food on faces and everywhere. I love these wipes. Baby wipes work well too but these are so much softer. My kids dont squirm as much when I wipe their faces.
Life saver!
I love these wipes! I love the scent and how well the work. They took spaghetti off my kids face with ease. I know this may sound bad but if I don’t have time to give my little one a baby I just wipe him down with one of these and he smells fresh.
Baby Face Wipes
These saved my life when my children were little. I always had these stocked in the diaper bag for when we needed to clean hands and faces while we were out. They left them with that oh-so-good smell that Johnson & Johnson products have, instead of the weird smell that some typical baby wipes have.
Great brand
I love this brand but the wipes not so much, I recently open a bag of wipes and in a week they dried on me super fast, I thought I got a bad batch but same thing happened to my sisters wipe a and we both purchased it the same day
Perfect for Diaper Bag
I love keeping these in my diaper bag. It cleans my daughter's face and hands when she gets messy while we are out with just 1 wipe. The scent it soft and not overpowering. I will continue to buy these and keep using it! I would recommend to all moms.
Johnsons just got "handy".
have learned that with grandbabies come messy faces and hands !! Johnson's is a life saver when we are out and about as often as we are. No sticky residue, and it gets them really clean the fist wipe (sometimes takes 2 wipes but they are messy) no scrubbing required.
Always have!
I love this product . Its so easy to pull out the car ,diaper bag, anyway. It whips so easy.
Always have!
I always have a pack of these in my purse! My 2 yr old is super messy, and if we go out and he wants food in the car, what better way to wipe him off is he makes a mess rather than having to carry a big pack of wipes around!
I use these wipes on a daily basis with my toddler! They are perfect for after meal cleanup. Super soft on his skin, smells great and durable until the mess is cleaned up. No need to go back for a second wipe! I give these to every new mom I know!!!!!
producto perfecto,para llevar en el bolso,no solamente para los niños sino tambien para los mayores

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