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I use these wipes on a daily basis with my toddler! They are perfect for after meal cleanup. Super soft on his skin, smells great and durable until the mess is cleaned up. No need to go back for a second wipe! I give these to every new mom I know!!!!!
producto perfecto,para llevar en el bolso,no solamente para los niños sino tambien para los mayores
Johnson' baby hand and face wipes
I like this product because these wipes are long. They're not soaked... Also they clean good and leave a long lasting fresh scent, while gentle on your baby's skin!
Smells so good!
I recommend this particular Johnson's product to every parent with a infant/toddler. They definitely do what their suppose too, they leave skin smelling amazzzzzzing!! & their reasonably priced. I absolutely love this product.
gets the job done
the wipes smells great and work . I use these when we are eating out and the kids get messy .
Good and soft but not strong
Soft and easy on baby skin but weren't very helpful at getting things stuck on, like food, from my toddlers faced. But very soft and gentle, great fit younger babies.
Nice scent and soft skin
Love the scent of these. These wipes are gentle for my toddlers face, cleans the mess and leaves a nice light fragrance. Good for on the go, in the car or at home.
great feel
these wipes leave a great feel with the lotion in them keeps from drying your baby out
Perfect for on the go
These little wipes are perfect for every diaper bag. Whenever we go out I have a pack with me because they're gentle on my son's face and get the job done. They've gotten us through our worst runny noses as well without irritation. I highly recommend these.
These wipes are great, use them to clean my daughters hands after she eats and it helps remove stickiness
I just have to say I love these!! I keep them in my diaper bag, in my kitchen, living room, you name it. They are soft and gentle on my little ones face and hands and he doesn’t fight me when I clean him up. They smell great and I would definitely recommend buying a bunch!! So useful!
Perfect wipes for everything!
These wipes get a LOT of use from me and my household! I have a 7 year old and a 2 month old ... messes everywhere! These wipes have a great mild scent, hold up really well and are soft for noses and little cheeks but are still able to clean really well! I love that they don't dry the skin out like traditional baby wipes can.
I recieved these as a gift from a friend when i had my son and they work so well! These wipes will clean any dirt on your babys face and hands. Just with one wipe will have your baby smeling like they took a bath. Highly recommend!
Great for travel
My baby had awful eye goop when he was a baby and these were a miracle. They are super gentle and don't cause any sting when used on the eyes. It was so much easier then getting a wet wash cloth all the time. I now have a second son and I am using them for him to. These are especially nice when traveling.
Easy way to clean messy hands and faces
Easy and scent free way to wipe my kids’ hands and faces at home and on the go. Great and quick way to clean them up from meals, snacks, arts and crafts and outdoor play! These wipes are really soft and the perfect amount of wetness and texture to get my kids clean in minimal swipes!

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