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Great for messes
I used these for both my girls when they were babies. I liked that they were gentle enough for their little faces when they got milk messes or boogers that needed to be cleaned. I would keep a pack of these in my diaper bag.
What I think of Johnson's hand and face wipes
I really like Johnson's hand and face wipes because they come in handy when my grand daughter eats her snacks and gets all sticky in the car.
Love these
They are supper soft and gently. With other wipes baby pulls away. Like the fact that it does'n smell as strong.
Great little wipers??
Great wipes for quick face clean ups after messing eating ...every meal with little ones..🙄 Nice light scent . Great for Mom & Dads car too 😎
Love this product
I started using these on my first child 2 years ago. My son has eczema and it is the only thing I will use to clean his hands and face. I always carry a pack with me and now use them on my 4 month old son.
Face wipes
I absolutely love these wipes. They smell wonderful and don't break my grandson out. I carry them in his diaper bag always.
I love these wipes. I like to keep them in my purse for anytime use, but my favorite time to use them is when we are camping to keep the littles wiped down and clean. Gentle on the face and great everywhere.
Got as a gift
Not sure how these are actually different from other wipes. They work the same. That said they work well and are more compact whick makes it easier to take on the go.
Great for on the go
Used these with my last little one, as he gets dirty fingers and faces easily. I love the smell of these, but also know they are gentle on my little guys face as well. I bought in a bulk pack from Target and will buy again.
best baby face wipes
I would not use any other wipe on my babies hands or face. I use to wipe off bottle nipples and pacifiers.
i buy these to have in the huse formy grandson and iuse them on him and i also use them i love these and they are convient to use nice fragrance and works well
Great for adults, too!
We use these to clean our faces. They are gentle and leave your face feeling nice and fresh. They are nice to keep around, even on days when you are working outside and sweating. Helps keep your face feeling fresh.
Clean and gentle for body
I received these at my baby shower. We love them and are a staple in our diaper bag. These are a great alternative to use instead of diaper wipes for the baby's face and hands. They clean gently and leave a soft mild frangrance to the baby's skin.
Always on hand
These wipes are amazing. They are soft and smell great. I always keep some on hand because they do a really good job giving baby a quick clean up.
Great for on the go
These are perfect for cleaning up messy faces, hands, and feet or for just a quick wash before meals when not at home. They are soft and gentle and leave skin smelling fresh and clean.

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