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We received some of these as a baby shower gift when our daughter was born! I loved having them in the diaper bag at all times. We used these for the hands and face as opposed to regular wipes for gentleness and no harsh chemicals to use on the face. We never had any issues with break out and they were very handy!!
I love these wipes. Perfect to keep in my bag for quick clean ups and they smell so good!!
I wish i could rate this over 5 stars. These are my favorite wipes to use for my baby while on the go
I love these wipes! They are so convienent and they smell amazing. I keep a pack on the go, in my car and in my bathroom!
This product is perfect for keeping your newborn's face & hands clean between baths. It has a light, fresh scent. The wipes are not slimy or soapy, they have nice texture which helps remove boogers pretty easily. 😁 The reason i gave it 4 stars is that the wipes can dry out if you don't use the entire package fast enough. I have repurchased this product multiple times & would recommend it.
I have 2 year old twins who's hands and face always seem to be dirty. These are very good to wipe off their face and hands.
I have tried these but not for a infant or kids. My son and I love these they are very gentle on your face and hands. They are great to use first thing in the morning when you get up and before bed at night makes you feel nice clean and fresh. Also great when needed in the bathroom to help get little cleaner and fresher.I would totally recommend the Johnson's Baby Hand And Face Wipes.
These wipes are must haves for your little one. Strong enough for messes but still gentle enough for baby’s skin, and the pack is convenient size to throw in the diaper bag. I always keep these handy.
Johnson and Johnson are best too buy for baby you can't go wrong with the product it leave baby skin so soft
Alcohol free, non sticky/oily, wipes away some pretty tough messes. I keep them in the diaper bag, car, kitchen and a few at work. They don't smell bad and 95% of the germs is better the 60%.
I love them keeps my babies from getting a rash!! And they don't make them break out all over
Johnson's Baby Hand and Face Wipes are great product that is gentle but also works really well to help clean and remove dirt. It has really nice gentle formula that doesn't irritate skin and safe to use all over.
Best face wipes! Use these all day with my two little ones. Smell fresh and dont damage skin
My kids are all grown, but I still have a use for the Johnson's Baby Hand and Face wipes. They are soft, gentle on the skin. Plus the wipes get the job done by cleanliness. They are perfect for clean ups when camping, traveling or useful for sticky messes that happen on the go.
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