Johnson's Baby Moisture Wash Vanilla Oatmeal

4.8 5 0 219 219 Moisture Wash Vanilla Oatmeal. Improved formula. No more tears.
Johnson's Baby Moisture Wash Vanilla Oatmeal


Not just for babies
Our whole family uses this product. It works get on my husband's skin and keeps him from being ashy and I love the scent. We have several J&J products and carry them everywhere we go.
Amazing smell
Another amazing smelling body wash from Johnson and Johnson! I always pick this up when I see it on sale.
Love it
I bought this wash a few times and I can say that the smell it left on the children was delicious and the skin was always soft and hydrated.
We all love Johnson :-)
Johnson Moisturizing Baby Lotion is probably the most recognized baby lotion there is and it certainly has a great fragrance. I raised my children on it and I chose this lotion because I have grandchildren that come somewhat frequently and a couple of them come for the summer; p.s. they are here now lol. So what makes this one different is that it has coconut oil in it. Now this bottle has a new shape and a new top that cannot be opened. Upon using it I found that the fragrance I expected from the pink bottle is fainter than usual and I assumed that is because of the coconut oil. However it still has the nice smooth feel and moisturizing as always. Well after using it, it's not going to be for the grandchildren only but for grandma too. I like it and left it out on the bathroom counter so all can use it. This baby lotion is not for the little babies only but for us grown ones too :-).
So calming
This is so amazing! Really makes them soft and the smell is the best!
Great smell
Love and have used Johnson and Johnson for forever. Recently tried the vanilla oatmeal and love the smell and feel. We use it as bubble bath for our boys and its nice.
Skin must try!
My toddler has eczema so we are a bit picky for anything that we bathe him in... aside from a soothing great scent it leaves the skin smooth and soft! A little goes a long way with an amazing smell that lasts!!
Omg this is the best smelling baby soap there is!
My kids cry for this baby soap they love it, make bath time a dream come true! The amazing smell is breath taking! Leavea my babies skin soft !
Johnson's Baby Moisture Wash Vanilla Oatmeal
I LOVE the smell of this wash. It is intoxicating! It leaves skin feeling so soft and moisturized. Not only do I use it on my baby I also use it on my puppy! It makes her hair and skin soft too. It also helps eliminate dry skin.
Thank you
My sister bought this for my daughter. I fell in love. Made her skin super soft, didn't dry her out. And the smell is amazing. I have continued to buy this as well as other fragrances. Love it!! I even use this!
Baby shampoo
My baby loves this and I do too it smells really good and it's really cheap I want to keep buying this on the future
Vanilla oatmeal
I personally did not try this product, but I did buy it as a gift for a close friend of mine. She loves these children gadgets so much that I thought she was the perfect one to try this. She has two small newborns with dried skin. Vanilla oatmeal
Johnson's Baby Moisture Wash Vanilla Oatmeal. This has a pleasant smell
warm and fuzzy
A favorite scent in our household. Gives a good clean, while being gentle on the skin. The smell is very "cozy". Like a warm and fuzzy feeling. Not perfume-y or too "baby". Wonderful addition to the Johnson baby line!
It smells amazing. it gets the job done left my skin feeling smooth as a baby's butt. I loved the price and the smell. It is wonderful can't believe the smell. My sister uses it on her kids it is simply wonderful :D God Scent stuff right there...

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