4.8 5 0 93 93 Moisture Wash Vanilla Oatmeal. Improved formula. No more tears.
Johnson's Baby Moisture Wash Vanilla Oatmeal
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Johnson's Baby Moisture Wash Vanilla Oatmeal. This has a pleasant smell
warm and fuzzy
A favorite scent in our household. Gives a good clean, while being gentle on the skin. The smell is very "cozy". Like a warm and fuzzy feeling. Not perfume-y or too "baby". Wonderful addition to the Johnson baby line!
It smells amazing. it gets the job done left my skin feeling smooth as a baby's butt. I loved the price and the smell. It is wonderful can't believe the smell. My sister uses it on her kids it is simply wonderful :D God Scent stuff right there...
Oh my goodness! I can't even begin to explain how much we love this product! It is my favorite Johnson's baby product that's available! Seriously! It's good for their skin, you can even use it to give your animals a bath and to shave with and it's perfect for everything and smells so good!
One of our Faves!
This is gentle and soothing for baby. Has a wonderful scent that lasts long and is so enjoyable.
Smells so good!
I love the smell of this johnsons baby product and my daughter loves it too! It's so easy to use and we never have any tears! The scent last for hours and shes happy and clean after every use!
The best scent
This is my all time favorite smell for my toddler's. It's gentle for their skin and eyes and leaves their skin smelling good. I will even use this for myself.
Quiero probarlo
Con la experiencia con sus otros productos tengo ancias de probar este por su calidad
Love this for my daughter's sensitive skin!
We have gone through a few different baby body washes but none have worked this well. It smells great and really reduces any body rushing from my daughter due to skin sensitivity. I use it also. Paraben free!
very good for itchy skin and it calms your skin if it is really itchy and it smells great on your skin and this just is not for babies i use it all the time because i have very dry itchy skin and oateal is really good for your skin and i also buy this for my grandson because he has senstive skin and wil break out and he doesnt break out from this
Household favorite
This smells so good and leaves baby's skin soft and clean. I love this scent and would recommend it to anyone who wants a delicious smelling baby to love on after bath time.
We use this product on my son at bath time. He is always smelling so clean. My son has eczema and this has helped with it. He doesn't seem to have as much problems with itchy skin since we've been using it
I love the vanilla oatmeal baby wash it has a light scent and it is the one I go to when the little guy is teething and has terrible diaper rash. When I add it to the bath it tends to help soothe down there and he relaxes enough to actually sleep a bit where with the lavender (one of our other favorites) has the great scent but didn't soothe like this did. We now always keep a bottle on hand!
Highly recommend body wash for infants/children. Moisturizing wash with a nice scent that isn't too strong yet leaves a nice mellow clean scent behind after the bath.
This product is excellent is very smooth in the baby skin and leaves her very soft and moisturized. Smells good

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