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Johnson's Baby Moisture Wash Vanilla Oatmeal
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Oh my gosh, I cannot say enough about this product! It smells amazing and makes my baby's skin so soft!
Love, Love, Love this product. I use it as a gentle shampoo for my little 7 lb. Yorkie. This product smells wonderful, does not dry my dog's skin, and most importantly, does not tangle her silky hair (fur). It is the only product I use on my fur baby.
Excellent product! No matter what kind of mess my baby made of himself throughout the day, Johnson's vanilla oatmeal wash always leaves him super clean and smelling great...
When I am baby sitting for my daughter I always use this product because it safe for the baby and has no after effects and the baby skin is so radiant
Oh man, Johnson and Johnson's vanilla oatmeal baby wash is my preferred baby wash for my 2 year old son. Not only is it made with safe ingredients, but no matter what kind of mess my son made of himself throughout the day, Johnson's vanilla oatmeal wash always leaves him super clean and smelling great! My son loves bathtime and I love knowing that he has a trusted and reliable baby wash.
I've been using Johnson's baby wash for over 50 years.This new scent was very pleasant. It truly is gentle and doesn't dry out your skin. It's not just for babies.
Even works well with old lady skin. I use this quite often and follow with J&J Baby oil; makes for smooth skin and a great night's sleep.
People might find this weird, but I as a parent, also use this product myself personally and I love it. I was curious to know what it felt like to use my own babies products and the feeling on my skin is so soft and smells good. I envy my babies in a good way. Johnson and Johnsons products think about the needs of our little ones.
Me encantaría tener la oportunidad de probar este producto.
Very soothing and great for dry skin. It smells wonderfu and is good for both babies and adults. I have sensitive skin and works for me.
I recently purchased this product and it is my absolute favorite and new go to body wash for my youngest son it smells amazing and works well and does not irritate his skin.
It is very warm in smell and has a goodness feel to it. A lot more relaxing than lavender one. I use it for my sweaty son who is always active in the day time. For his night bath I noticed he feels relaxed and comfortable with is freshly cleaned body. Garuntees his skin to feel clean and soft while he sleeps.
Very good product especially if your baby has sensitive skin or dry skin it help very well and I love it
My granddaughter have a small rash from being in the hospital so I bathe her in JOHNSON'S BABY MOISTURE WASH VANILLA OATMEAL not only did it help her but smelled great.
I love this stuff it smells amazing and my daughters skin is so soft afterwards

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