4.8 5 0 449 449 The NEW CottonTouch™ Newborn Wash & Shampoo is made with real cotton, specially designed for and perfectly pH balanced to newborn's sensitive skin.
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1 of my favorite Johnson's products!
I received a tiny sample bottle of this from the Walmart freeosk a while back and I went to the store the next day to buy a bottle! It has a delightful scent yet it's so gentle! I use this frequently on my toddler who has sensitive skin! I'm really happy they came out with it!
It's so refreshing I love the smell my of my hair and smooth
The scent is amazing!
I just had a baby 2 months ago and was searching for the best products to use on her skin. My first child has sensitive skin, so I wanted to avoid anything too harsh just in case this baby had sensitive skin also. I had recently heard about Johnson changing their formula and adding new products and I decided to give them a try with this baby. I'm so glad that I did! The smell is so wonderful and it leaves no residue on her skin. Her skin is soft and not dried out. We purchased the lotion also for after her baths thinking we would have to use it, but we didn't. That is how well this wash works. I still use the lotion on occasion, but the wash alone is great at keeping her skin moisturized. Great scent, cute packaging, and gentle on the skin.
Johnson's Cotton Touch Newborn Wash & Shampoo is made gentle with formula for babies. I like that it also really cleaned well and left my babies skin soft and smooth
Smells So Good
This wash is amazing it smells great! The only downfall about it that I have discovered on my new baby is that it dried out his skin a little bit more than usual. He does already have a small dry skin issue so I am not blaming this product at all. It works great and smells amazing!
Johnson's Cotton Touch Newborn Wash & Shampoo
I love the smell and feel to this bay wash. It's so light to the touch and it never leaves baby girl dry after her bath
Smells amazing
After hearing of the new Cotton scent I couldn't wait to try it and once I did, I was sold. It smells like heaven. And not to mention, it leaves my son's skin so silky.
Smells so good
I loved the scent to this product. Worked amazing.
Soft and gentle.
I use just proud of them, my babies hair, and it came out so solve, and it smelled so nice, and I even use it on my own hair, and it came out the same way I love this product, I would recommend it to everyone.
I’ve been using baby dove for a while. I got this as a sample and I fell in love with this. Smells so good and gentle on my toddlers skin. The lotion is great too!
Very gentle to the skin and very moisturizing. Baby loves it
soft skin
The soap goes on very smoothly with hand or wash cloth and rinses off with one rinse. Soap does create a large amount of bubble lather but still spreads nicely over skin. Leaves baby skin soft and pleasant smelling.
Can I possibly sample baby products? I am a first time mom that wants the best for her child and would love to try what could be the best for her.

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