Jolly Rancher Sour Chews

4.7 5 0 366 366 Perfect for snacking at home, work, school, and on the go. Flavors include watermelon, raspberry, green apple, and cherry. Chewy sour candies are a fat-free, cholesterol-free candy.
Jolly Rancher Sour Chews


Pretty Good
I like the flavors of these gummies but I prefer the watermelon/ green apple Jolly Rancher chews. I also like that real fruit juice is used for flavoring and some pieces really have a sour bite that contrasts nicely with rocky sugar dusting the chewy gummy candy.
Great for when you need a piece of candy and don't want to crack your teeth.
I buy these regularly now, they are mew favorite candy. Bold flavor and just addicting. I really just love the texture and flavor. They could add some new flavors to mix ot up a bit, bit I recommend these!
Sour jolly rancher gummies
My mouth water just thinking about the these gummies not only do they taste exactly like jolly rancher but they're truly sour and then turn sweet like a sour patch kid but with so much more flavor I love them
WOW! If you like tart, you'll absolutely love these! Great pop in your mouth and the flavors are typical mouth watering. The only problem is that the bag needs to be bigger!
If you love jolly ranchers then then you have to try these!! they are soo good!!
Jolly Ranchers
Jolly Rancher candy is delicious you can not go wrong with any of it. These Jolly Ranchers have the sour flavor and are gummies so they are an absolute perfect combination.
Jolly rancher candies are well known for their intense flavor and these chews do NOT disappoint! Go grab some!!!
Jolly Rancher sour gummies
I am definately addicted to these gummies. As soon as you pop one in your mouth the flavor explodes. Start chewing and the mix of sour and sweet is just the perfect blend of a Jolly Rancher with a sour coating.
Yummy new snack!
Our family loves sweets & sour candies so these were perfect for our house. Very flavorful and satisfying. We would give a 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend! We have already purchased more
My family and I are extreme Jolly Rancher fans so when the sours came out we were excited to try them and they didn’t disappoint. We love the texture and how it feels in our mouth and it’s full of lasting delicious sour taste.
My kids love the Jolly Rancher sour candies. I like that they don't fight over the generous size bag.
Crunchy chewy greatness
When I first got these I thought I was buying normal jolly ranchers but thank goodness I didn’t! When I got to the chewy center I fell in love, I will never go back to the normal ones again. Great product very satisfied.
Chewy sour goodness
Better than the original hard candy, these chewy and sour candies are addictive!
Soft and sour, perfect!
These are even better then the hard candies.

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