4.3 5 0 46 46 This smoothie bowl, the creamy combo of hazelnuts and chocolate gets crunch from granola, and a boost from chia seeds.


If your going to get one of these smoothie bowls get this one
Awesome smoothie bowl!!
No one ever thinks outside the box and figures hey we got ice cream we've got gelato we've got frozen yogurt but never a smoothie Bowl and that's what makes it so unique because no one has one I picked up a couple different flavors and I love them all it's insane. I am one of those people that were totally against smoothies and then I tried this and it was magnificent I am now a absolute smoothie enthusiast!!
Quick easy snack, or breakfast
I love the flavor, but did not like the price or added ingredients I did not recognize. Love the oats, chia seeds and chocolate hazelnut. Maybe add more fiber? I like the protein. The 12g sugar was a turn off. Will enjoy occasionally but as a treat.
Love this joybol chocolate hazelnut it taste so good who dont love chocolate and love the hazelnut too
I did not like this at all! It is definitely a texture thing for me. Others might like it but I did not.
I wasnt too sure of what to expect from this. It was decent and great when I needed a snack
Nice Quick Snack
I bought a couple of different flavors at the store a while back because they seemed good for snacking or on-the-go. The flavor was good, but the consistency was a bit strange.
My morning go to!
I love these little bowls they are very tasty and a quick and easy breakfast to get my day started. They have a decent amount of protein which helps give me energy. Both of my teens love them too and grab them for a fast delicious warm breakfast before starting their school assignments.
Delicious Snack
This is a delicious healthy snack that is a great replacement for when I am craving ice cream and don't have time to make one myself.
He Loved It
I Gave This To My Brother Because He Love Stuff Like This It Was So Good To Him He Will Defiantly Buy It Now
My daughter and I love these. The combination of the creamy and smooth "smoothie" and the crunch and texture of the coconut and oatmeal make this really satisfying. Our only complaints are they are very small (so we usually eat two) and the sugar/calorie content is a bit high. If you look at these as a healthier snack alternative, they totally fit the bill.
Not what I expected
I thought this would be warmed up to taste like oatmeal but it was cold and not very appealing.
I love these so much, especially since it helps boost my overall health. I typically take gummies because they are easier for me to swallow than pills. They are also chewable with flavors, but did not like the sweetness. Joybol
Delicious but not perfect
Very solid product, taste wise. Delicious! I only wish there was more, but if you eat it slowly enough, it will fill you up. The coconut is very yummy. I would recommend to anyone who wants a quick sugar fix. Also the calorie content is a bit high for the small-ish amount you get.
Great natural snack
I was really surprised at how great this Joybol CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT smoothie bowl tasted. I really like that it has really filling taste and texture with tons of protein to keep you going

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