4.6 5 0 30 30 This smoothie bowl, the creamy combo of hazelnuts and chocolate gets crunch from granola, and a boost from chia seeds.
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Goode tried the Joybol at first I didn't think I would like it but they are good quick and easy to make
These things are great!
I received one of these in a PinchMe box and these things taste amazing!
Tasty, healthy snack
Bought the combo pack and this was my favorite. I love it because it isn't sugary sweet and has great texture. It isn't really a smoothie, more like a thinned yogurt with character and texture. I'm crazy about this product.
I tried the Joybol at first i didnt think i would like it but they are good quick and easy to make
Not bad
I tried this only once but I thought it was really good. It's a little weird because of the texture but the taste is delicious.
Great snack
I have tried this flavor and the strawberry flavor and these bowls make for great mid-morning or even afternoon snacks.
Great texture and flavor. My boys are.very picky eaters and they loved it.
So good. Yum, is all I can say. It's filling, great for you. This flavor is one of my
Just Add Water
This actually tasted pretty decent, albeit a bit chalky. It's very convenient, being packaged with everything needed to eat this protein packed snack... even the spoon! (Just Add Water!)
Great experienc
I really enjoyed the product it was filled with tasty things inside. I would definitely recommend it/to anyone who wanted to try
Taste ok
This is a great replacement meal that is tasty and filling. If I ever had to pick between these bowls and anything else I will definitely choose this.
Sweetness To My Hubby"s Tummy
My Husband Is Not A Yogurt Eater, But I Put This In His Hunting Bag And He Came Home And Said It Was Delsicious To Put One in His Lunch Everyday & His Hunting Bag On The Weekends
This is so very delicious! I tried this exact flavor and I could eat this everyday for a snack or breakfast!
The hazelnut joybol is delicious! With healthy ingredients, it is a dessert I can eat and not feel guilty about!
Hazelnut and chocolate!
I’m certainly a fan of hazelnut and chocolate combined creations and Joybol certainly did not disappoint. I love the flavor here and the fact that it’s GMO Free. and how convenient, is the spoon!? Especially if your packing this as a lunch. I’m the worlds worst to forget to pack any eating utensils! Great for breakfast, a lunch item and even for snacking. A more healthy choice too.

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