4.5 5 0 34 34 This smoothie bowl, the creamy combo of hazelnuts and chocolate gets crunch from granola, and a boost from chia seeds.
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Delicious but not perfect
Very solid product, taste wise. Delicious! I only wish there was more, but if you eat it slowly enough, it will fill you up. The coconut is very yummy. I would recommend to anyone who wants a quick sugar fix. Also the calorie content is a bit high for the small-ish amount you get.
Great natural snack
I was really surprised at how great this Joybol CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT smoothie bowl tasted. I really like that it has really filling taste and texture with tons of protein to keep you going
It’s alright
I don’t know if I did this right I tried one in another flavor and I’m not sure if I added to much water or not enough but it was alright but not my favorite thing in the world it had some flavor but not enough I’m not sure but it was okay.
Goode tried the Joybol at first I didn't think I would like it but they are good quick and easy to make
These things are great!
I received one of these in a PinchMe box and these things taste amazing!
Tasty, healthy snack
Bought the combo pack and this was my favorite. I love it because it isn't sugary sweet and has great texture. It isn't really a smoothie, more like a thinned yogurt with character and texture. I'm crazy about this product.
I tried the Joybol at first i didnt think i would like it but they are good quick and easy to make
Not bad
I tried this only once but I thought it was really good. It's a little weird because of the texture but the taste is delicious.
Great snack
I have tried this flavor and the strawberry flavor and these bowls make for great mid-morning or even afternoon snacks.
Great texture and flavor. My boys are.very picky eaters and they loved it.
So good. Yum, is all I can say. It's filling, great for you. This flavor is one of my
Just Add Water
This actually tasted pretty decent, albeit a bit chalky. It's very convenient, being packaged with everything needed to eat this protein packed snack... even the spoon! (Just Add Water!)
Great experienc
I really enjoyed the product it was filled with tasty things inside. I would definitely recommend it/to anyone who wanted to try
Taste ok
This is a great replacement meal that is tasty and filling. If I ever had to pick between these bowls and anything else I will definitely choose this.
Sweetness To My Hubby"s Tummy
My Husband Is Not A Yogurt Eater, But I Put This In His Hunting Bag And He Came Home And Said It Was Delsicious To Put One in His Lunch Everyday & His Hunting Bag On The Weekends

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