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I did not know what to expect when i tried this sauce. I was very pleasantly surprised. it was very good
send the free samples of Jufran Banana Sauce to Edmy Arroyo in street 7 f9 estancias de san fernando carolina PR 00985
Ini nikmat .... Saus pisang ini biasa dikenal dengan saus pisang. Itu sebenarnya ditemukan selama Perang Dunia II ketika tomat, dan oleh karena itu kecap, jarang sekali didapat. Jadi orang mulai membuat kecap mereka dengan menggunakan pisang sebagai gantinya, yang menghasilkan bumbu manis, dan sudah banyak diadopsi oleh masakan Filipina, sampai-sampai banyak hidangan mie dan makanan lainnya memerlukannya sebagai bahan tertentu.
Banana Sauce has been with me the entire time I was growing up, but we used a different brand. Then I finally used this brand, and it is so good!! I love this banana sauce!
This sauce actually doesn't taste like ketchup at least not for me, I could say that is a mix of ketchup and tamarind, but I liked it with chips.
This wasn't a great taste for me ,wasn't really something I like to keep on hand
With a sweet and sour along with spicy just has my boston butt running with juicy flavors.
I love the taste. It is sweet and spicy. Great dipping sauce for lumpia, hotdog, fried chicken, pork chop.
I have tried this product with my spaghetti reciepes..it leaves a sweet and tangy taste to it and kids love it
Definitely an acquired taste. A sweeter version of the regular ketchup. If you're adventurous, definitely give this a try as this banana sauce gives a different flavor profile in your dishes. I used this as a condiment for crab cakes, and you can be creative and use this condiment for various dishes.
i love my banana ketchup. love them use it to my fried chicken and specially with my spaghetti sauce. love it..
Disgusting. I will not try this again. I couldn't believe it would be so bad. I don't think many people will like this. No thank you.
Omg, i loooove this ketchup from the PHIL. I am Filipino amd we love spice but sweet food. I use this as my deep sauce for Lumpia (Egg roll) or everything with fried food, make spaghetti sauce, or beef Caldereta. You have to try this. 😉
I LOVE this its great on tacos and other stuff as well.I found this about 10 years ago and wasn't able to find it. Finally I seen it at Raleys and bought it and already need more. If you like a little sweet and spicy get this.
Unique flavor sauce, best for any meats and veggies. Uniquely flexible!

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