JUST Egg Plant Based Egg

4.3 5 0 90 90 Eggs reimagined with plants. After years of searching, we found a plant that scrambles like an egg. JUST Egg is perfect for omelets, French toast, frittatas, or a simple scramble dish for breakfast.
JUST Egg Plant Based Egg


I don't like it.
I was really hoping I would like this product but it made me sick. I tried 3 times and every time I got stomach issues.
Rebranded Hampton Creek / Allergic Reaction
This company is very into lab grown meat products. They also consider lab grown meat that started as actual meat to be vegan. My allergies disagree. If you'd like to read more use the original name brand, " Hampton Creek"
I have tried many egg replacement products and this is THE ONE! Besides having a near egg-like consistency when making a plate of scrambled eggs, it was a fantastic replacement for baking. Did not change the texture of my brownies at all :)
Excellent taste!
I absolutely can’t tell the difference. I use these daily and they are just so convenient. Excellent taste.
Surprisingly Good
I actually enjoyed this product. The only thing I didn't like was that it stuck to the pan in spite of using a non-stick spray. It was tasty and made me feel as if I was eating a healthy product.
My son is vegan this product works well in replacing eggs he seems to like it but wish it did not cost so much
Bought for vegan, eaten by carnivores
I bought this so my vegan sister could enjoy brunch with us, she barely got a piece of the egg bake as the carnivores gobbled it up. This was my first time trying Just Egg, but I will buy again for all to enjoy!
Great substitute
I keep this on hand for when my brother who has an egg allergy is over. The smell still kinda hits me weird everytime I cook it. But the taste and texture is a very good substitute for anyone who can’t have real scrambled eggs. It only seems to work as a sub for scrambled eggs though. I have not had any luck using it as a sub in baking. It does cook up just like actual scrambled eggs. And I have been able to do it on its own or with all the other ingredients I would add to real eggs with success.
Best egg replacement!
We have an egg allergy in the house and this has been a game changer! Does it taste exactly like eggs, no? Does it cook exactly like eggs, yes! I’m able to batter and fry food, use in baked dishes and most importantly scramble or make an omelet. This makes my daughter feel less restricted and tastes great.
Great for egg lovers
I feel that anyone who is an egg lover, this is a must have
Pretty good
I wasn’t to sure about how these would taste but it’s actually pretty good and tastes almost exactly like real eggs . I would definitely recommend then you my family and friends
Great and easy
The Just Egg is such a tasty and easy product. Quick, healthy breaskfast or lunch and even a light dinner. Makes great egg sandwiches.
Just Egg
As a pescatarian, I enjoy mixing it up with breakfast and trying plant based items in replacement. I made breakfast burritos with this and it was very similar in texture and tasted good!
Delicious! I recently started eating a plant based diet for health reasons, but I still love the taste of meat and eggs. THIS Is the real deal! My kids didn't even notice the difference! MY new favorite staple!
Great replacement for egg for vegans!
I love justegg. I am vegan and use it for scrambles and omlettes. It takes good and has a great consistency. I add a lot of spices and it is very versatile and cooks easy in a frying pan. I'm a fan!

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