4.9 5 0 27 27 Super foods and tasty, fun shapes are awesome together in this new Kashi by Kids cereal co-created for kids, by kids!
Kashi by Kids Honey Cinnamon Super Food Combos Cereal
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Kashi by Kids Honey Cinnamon Super Food Combos Cereal
My kids love this Kashi cereal. Not only for breakfast, they like taking snack bags in their backpacks. Kashi products are a great alternative to all the other sugary cereals.
Highly recommend!
This brand never disappoints. Delicious, and healthy.
Kashi by Kids
I liked the flavor of both the honey and the cinnamon. I preferred the cinnamon one more because it had good flavor. The honey was nice, just cinnamon is more appealing to me.
Love this
I really like this cereal and the ingredients. It tastes sweet but not overly sweet.
Recently tried this product. Taste is very cinnamon based. Will buy again.
A good cerial
This is a good fine cerial taste fine with milk taste the cinninin
Yummy and healthy!
Kashi is one of my family's favorite brand. I love the fact that Kashi uses clean safe ingredients. This cinnamon honey cereal taste super yummy and my kids love them, I would recommend the product!
For kids? More like for everyone
My husband and I get these when we want a cereal that’s a little sweet but won’t put us into a diabetic coma. Behold, Kashi for kids. These make an awesome cereal snack when you’re craving something sweet but need a little sustenance.
Great taste the family loves
Kashi by Kids Honey Cinnamon Super Food Combos Cereal has a great taste that the whole family loves and that I feel good about serving since it is made with high quality ingredients
The kiddos live it :)
I’ve been a Kashi fan for years but trying to get my kids to follow in my healthy footsteps is a challenge. I brought this home and poured my oldest a bowl without showing her the box. I know, sneaky. She loved it! It makes me feel really good to sneak in some healthy breakfast food to counteract all the bad food they try to sneak in the rest of the day. Good stuff!
Son muy ricos naturales buenos como desayuno o como snaks
Nutritious and delicious
I really really love the fact that it is healthy and also tasty. It's always been my go to Kashi . I love al the combination they have.
Love It
My kids love this cereal. It was crunchy and very tasteful ,and I love the fact that it is organic and non -GMO. Its very filling too, I had a taste of it and I love. I will recommend this product
Super yummy and healthy!
This was my first time trying Kashi and I cannot believe I never tried their brand sooner! Super yummy and the cereal\granola does not get soggy like others and the products are all natural and very healthy for you.
super yummy
My kids love kashi cereal and this one is super good !

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