4.9 5 0 12 12 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Frosted Corn Cereal has been repackaged with a new packaging design featuring Mission Tiger to help save school sports. This kosher certified product is targeted at children, and retails in a 13.5-oz. recyclable pack bearing the Kellogg's Family Rewards and Monash University Low Foodmap Certified logos and a QR code.
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Frosted Corn Cereal
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Childhood favorite
This is my favorite cereal since I was a kid. It has a hint of sweetness which offsets the corn flakes perfectly. They don't get soggy too quickly and have a great crunch. Frosted Flakes will always be my favorite.
They're Great!
In our home, Corn Flakes are a must have. We have this at least three times a week! We have three small children under age six, so breakfast can be pretty chaotic. With corn flakes, it's a quick and delicious breakfast. You can have it in many different ways. Our personal favorite is adding fresh fruit such as bananas or strawberries. It's a healthy alternative for breakfast. We have been purchasing corn flakes for years now, and it was always a personal favorite for myself as a child and still to this day! My children and I also love tony the tiger mascot. We always quote him in silly tones. Corn Flakes they're Great!
Frosted Flakes
I love to eat this cereal! It is crunchy, sweet, and hits the stop! Brings back great childhood memories or watching Saturday morning cartoons! Would highly recommend them to anyone!
Great Cereal!!🥣
I love this cereal and it's my favorite cereal!! I have eaten Frosted Flakes since I was a kid so it's nostalgic to me. I really like that there is just the right amount of sweetness in frosted flakes. I would recommend this cereal to my friends and family!!
crunchy sweet
who doesn't love tony the tiger . i like the crunch the sweet the over all flavor .its great . but it does tend to lose its crunch a little too fast .but that well not stop me from buying it agin .
This is one of my go-to cereals!
This is one of my favorite cereals of all time, hands down (lol). What I do personally, is put the cereal in the bowl, add milk, then wait till the cereal gets soft in texture. So then I eat it, then at the end of the bowl be milk with so much sugar. That way, I enjoy my cereal every time I eat every morning.
Such a classic
These taste good whether you're an adult or a kid. They are so fun and nostalgic. I have no complaints other than they are not super healthy. I would recommend these to anyone because they are so yummy.
They're obviously great!
This was my favorite cereal as a kid. I liked that I could just eat it without picking at different components (i.e. lucky charms marshmallows or captain crunch berries). It tasted the same throughout the bowl, which was perfect for me. I still, til this day, buy frosted flakes as a treat for lazy weekend mornings.
Tony rocks
I love this cereal I have eaten it since I was a kid. This is one of the best cereals ever.
I really love this product as the taste of the slice real mix with milk makes it taste good. I like how you can taste a lot of the cereal. It think more cereal covers should be added or more flavors.
They are grrrrrrrreeeeAT!
I grew up to this cereal. Because they are frosted they actually make the corn cereal bearable to eat. Its a sweet crisp taste when you enjoy your breakfast cereal with milk. Its one of the best cereals out.
I love this product. it has a lot of sugar but it is very tasty

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