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Kellogg's Mini Wheats Vanilla Latte Family Size Breakfast Cereal
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To sweet
Did not like much felt as I was eating bowl of sugar not cereal
So tasty!
I have always been a fan of frosted Minnie wheats but after trying these I don't want any flavor besides Vanilla Latte. They taste amazing and leave you feeling full and energized. I highly recommend trying these if you haven't yet.
Great New Flavor
I just recently picked these up because they were being sold at a discount store for a great price. I didn't have any high expectations being they are new and already at a discount store but I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone in the house enjoyed them and even asked me to buy more. I hope they stay around for a while cause my household has a new favorite.
Frosted Mini Wheats are yummy!
I love Frosted Mini Wheats, just the right about of satifiing wholesome with a touch of sweetness! Love the combo of heathly and sweet. I would recommend these, who wants a tastey breakfaast that will stay with them.
Not a fan
I love frosted mini wheats. The original are the best. I don't like the flavor of these.
House favorite!
Kids love this cereal because it tastes like mom let them get away with a treat for breakfast, I love it because it is much vettter than other sweet cereals and is filled with grains!
Mini wheats are a staple in my house and I love this flavor. It's not overly vanilla either. I just have a hard time finding this one in stores. Mini wheats always keep me full for quite a while without feeling heavy. I also eat them dry as a snack
great cereal
I had this at my brothers house while I was house sitting for him, I ate the whole box while I was there and I am picky about cereal, this was great and didnt get mushy
Okay but not worth the $
I thought that the after taste was better than the actual taste of the cereal. I will say as i ate more it was better but all in all it wasn't my favorite.
This cereal is delicious!! When I was growing up my mother bought this but with no sugar on them. My kids wouldn't touch those, but they love all of these, and every flavor they come in.
Love this cereal! The big Wheaton’s aren’t my favorite, but these little ones with a hit of vanilla are so good!
Really Good
Our family likes these not to sweet or hard. When it’s cereal for breakfast this is one of the ones on our table.
Love this
Really love and enjoy this cereal, really recommend to my friends.
Latte cereal? LOVE!!
This is THE best flavor of cereal I have ever tried. How it's taken so long to be invented I have no clue (especially with everyone living off coffee)..but I do hope it's here to stay. I've always liked shredded wheat because it doesn't have all the added salt that all the other cereals have, and cutting sodium alone, I've lost 20lbs so far. Frosted shredded wheat has been a big part of my diet, & absolutely love this latte flavor!
I haven't tried this kind but they original flavor is great

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