Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Poppers Chocolatey 7.1 oz

4.6 5 0 382 382 Bite-sized, Rice Krispies Treats covered in a decadent chocolatey coating; A poppable dessert snack for any occasion; Perfect for chocolate lovers
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Poppers Chocolatey 7.1 oz


The only thing that makes rice crispy treats better is chocolate and making them portable poppers ! To die for.
Love these
These are so yummy I always have to stop myself from eating the whole bag. And it’s perfect for on the go.
So good
These snacks are so fantastic they have the perfect balance of chocolate and crunch.
This was the perfect bite. Perfect amount of chocolate and crisp!
Nostalgic crunch!
The packaging is nice and the fact that it comes in cubes is so cute! It has a nice flavor to it but too much chocolate. It takes away the nostalgic crunch. Maybe if they just dripped instead of dipping it in.
Snack Pop
I was a little concerned of how sweet this was going to be. But they are the right size and just the right amount of sugar for kids and adults. My kid absolutely loves them.
Yummy snack
Kids loved the flavor. Perfect size for a snack. Chocolate added for a tasty snack
These little Rice Krispies Treats are a really fun new spin on the classic snack, certainly much better for sharing.
I have to stop myself because I cant stop eating them! They are perfect for on the go, or just snacking. My whole family loves them. Craving sweets? Here you go, just save me some!
These are so perfect for "on the go" snacking! I buy them for our Sports Snack tote & for our home. I've tried both flavors and love love them! My kiddo loves them too.
These Things Should Be Illegal
I bought a pouch of these to share with my roommate while we watched Netflix one night. This was a mistake. It's hard to beat the combination of a bite-sized Rice Krispy Treat and milk chocolate. It's just a "duh" combo. We mixed these into a bowl of popcorn and that...that was our downfall. About ten minutes into watching a movie, the movie was long forgotten. We were pawing through a giant bowl of popcorn to find any last bites that we had missed. We fought, nigh literally tooth and nail, to find that last bite we were sure was hiding at the bottom. There weren't any there. We began to argue, loudly. I'll never know how Shutter Island (I think that was the movie) ended. But I do know one thing: these things will drive a wedge between friends they're so good. So buy them...but tell NO ONE.
I hid these from my kids
I liked these so much, I hid these from my kids. Yes, I did share a few, but I ended up taking these to work for snacks. If you like rice krispies, you will like these little snacks.
Great indulgence
These rice krispies poppers are amazing. They are better than the original. The chocolate coating on the outside add great flavor while having the classic rice krispie on the inside. Once you start eating these they can be hard to stop/
Rice krispie treats 3.0
These were totally amazing. I bought them for a quick snack after missing lunch. Ate the whole bag!! Definitely recommend these to others.
Something for kids
I didn't really care for this product or the caramel one, kind of sweet. Good snack but not something I would purchase again.

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