4.7 5 0 220 220 <b> Kid's Crest Cavity Protection Toothpaste comes in a pack of 2 each with 4.6 oz. </b>
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Sparkling clean
This is the only toothpaste my kids will use. They never complain about the taste so I know it’s a winner. It has a great smell that’s not overbearing so it’s great for kids. It’s a blue sparkly color that’s attracting to my kids and they love it.
Only toothpaste my child will use
My daughter will only brush her teeth with this. It tackles Morning breath and it keeps her teeth cavity free for the time being. I don’t think anything should change. The kids love the look and the taste.
The ONLY Toothpaste my child will use
Kid's Crest Cavity Protection is the only toothpaste my son will use and it is a great product. It tastes great and has sparkle fun to make it more fun for kids. He has no cavities since using this toothpaste! Love it and won't be changing!
buen producto lo recomiendo deja frescura, limpieza.
Kids love it!
My kids never complain about this toothpaste. It is their favorite! They love the taste! You can never go wrong with Crest!
Great product
I bought Kid's Crest Cavity protection toothpaste on a whim for my six year old grandson and he loves the taste. He asks to brush his teeth a lot. This is the only toothpaste he asks for.
Crest Sparkle fun!
This is the ONLY toothpaste my two kids will use! They love it!
great for kids
my daughter is picky and of course this isn't food product but there is some toothpaste out there that she simply doesn't like. we all want whats best for our children. this one she enjoys brushing her teeth and isn't quick to spit it out once she has started brushing. i have also tried it as well being a mother and making sure i know what i give my daughter.
My daughter loves this toothpaste, the taste is not bad and I have already recommended it to my friends
Kids approved!
Kids at first didn't like it. But then they started to enjoy it and loved it! Always smiling with shiny teeth!
Pretty smiles
Kid’s Crest Cavity Protection Toothpaste gave my grandkids a reason to brush.It has the cavity protection they need and taste great.
My daughter loves it
My daughter is so picky on what toothpaste she uses. She doesn't like anything too fruity or too minty. This toothpaste is a perfect medium for her and not having to argue to get her brushing is definitely a bonus in my book!
Kids crest cavity toothpaste
My kids use this awesome toothpaste . It’s not to overpowering like some toothpaste.
Great for kids
My kids use this on a regular basis. They love the taste and how easy it is for them to do it themselves. I buy the bigger option because my kids waste half of it in the sink.
Only toothpaste my daughter likes
This toothpaste is the only one my daughter will use. We have tried so many toothpastes, and she definitively thinks this one is the best.

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