Knudsen Lowfat Small Curd Cottage Cheese with 2% Milkfat 32 oz Tub

4.7 5 0 63 63 Knudsen Small Curd Low Fat 2% Milkfat Cottage Cheese offers a convenient snack option. This small curd cottage cheese is an easy snack with a classic cottage cheese flavor that’s delicious on its own or paired with fruit. Real milk from California cows creates the base of this Grade A pasteurized cottage cheese. This low fat cottage cheese contains 2% milkfat. Dig into this tub of certified Kosher cottage cheese for a quick snack, easy breakfast, cottage cheese dessert or side dish with your meals. Keep the 32 ounce resealable tub in the refrigerator. Try Knudsen cottage cheese and youll see that its just like it was in 1919, simple and delicious from the first bite.
Knudsen Lowfat Small Curd Cottage Cheese with 2% Milkfat 32 oz Tub


Giant brand is superior
Having tried several national competitors I'd put it in the top 50 percent but it's a texture issue I have with it ultimately. It's overly thick between curds making it more the consistency of lumpy powdered mashed potatoes than anything. I still can't find a store brand that compete with giant brand honestly which is odd because I can't think of another product that only the store brand is even passable
Not like others
So the first time 5 tried Knudsen cottage cheese small curd I didn't expect that delicious different rich as if churned like back in the old days flavor much appreciated and amazing likeness
ARon D
Good quality works great and it’s best for day to day use
Cottage cheese PLEASE
Best I ever had mix with fruits an ya got a sweet treat
Tasty and creamy cottage cheese. It isn’t watery like others. Recommended
Great tasting
This is one of my most favorite cottage cheeses. It has a great taste and a lovely consistency. I like to eat it either plain or with some fruit on top. It's a healthy alternative to many other desserts or snacks.
Tasty & healthy
This is one of my favorite low-fat cottage cheese. This one is perfection. Mostly this is my breakfast with some fresh fruit or nuts.High protein, healthy carbs, low-fat & delicious cottage cheese.
Nice cheese
Very nice cheese, I love that it is lowfat also on top of it
Taste great
Taste great and one of my very favorite brands they never disappoint
I grew up with Knudsen products in our kitchen. One of my favorites is their Low Fat small curd Cottage Cheese which contains 2% milk fat. Pure, creamy heaven. My most fave way to eat it is to top a small bowlful with cut up peaches. It makes for a delicious, low calorie bowl of yumminess!
Extra Protien
This is a great addon to protein shakes! When blended it makes shakes smoother and tastes really good.
Yummy to my tummy
I love this cottage cheese. I eat It alone for breakfast or snack. I dip my Fritos chips in it. Or add a lil bit of pepper. I eat it right out of the container.
LOVE this stuff
I love cottage cheese! I like adding pineapple or peaches when i want it sweet. If i want something not so sweet, i like to add a chunky salsa or just some pepper to it and eat it with some ritz crackers. I usually have cottage cheese for breakfast or as a snack.
The king of cottage cheese
This is the cottage cheese that changed my mind about cottage cheese. I went at least 30 years hating cottage cheese---it looks absolutely disgusting, the texture is horrifying, the taste is miserable, and I can't stand looking at puddles of watery liquid. But Knudsen is thick, rich, and flavorful, and now I actually like cottage cheese enough to use it regularly in cooking and baking, and sometimes even on it's own! Pro tip: to avoid puddles of liquid, scoop your cottage cheese horizontally and always leave the top smooth and flat. If you scoop vertically and leave big divots and peaks/valleys, the liquid will accumulate.
Love Me Some Cottage Cheese
I have tried to cut down on dairy consumption over the past years, but I manage to include a container of this about once a month. It takes me back to my childhood, sneaking a spoonful out of the tub on a summer afternoon. Taste is really good, curd size is good and mixes well or on its' own.

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