4.5 5 0 64 64 Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese Veggie Pasta Dinner contains half a serving of vegetables.
Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese Veggie Pasta Dinner
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Healthy alternative
I love that kraft came out with these veggie noodle options. They taste great, as great as the original! Toddler and mommy approved, something I feel great about giving my daughter.
Not a fan
The flavor is not bad, but there's something off about the texture of the noodles. Not terrible, but not something I'd go out of my way to purchase.
my 2 year old really enjoyed the mac and cheese veggie pasta he eat it with no hesitation i like that its all in one
So cheesy, creamy, and delicious
Kraft has always had great mac & cheese, made even better when they released pasta infused with veggies! This mac & cheese tastes delicious, is creamy and cheesy, and you cannot taste any vegetables at all. It's so nice to have a meal that feels like such a treat, while also knowing that it's infused with nutritious vegetables.
Kraft Mac and Cheese
It is a good product. Little more expensive than other products. Cooks quickly and thoroughly, cheese packets mix well.
Tastes just like the original
Put them side by side, and I wouldn't be able to tell which product was the original kraft mac and which was the veggie pasta. If I can't tell, my daughter certainly can't tell. There's literally no reason to buy the original anymore, if I can sneak in some veggies then why not?!
Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese Veggie Pasta Dinner
Presently surprised with the overall flavor, however the texture was thicker than I was expecting. We will try it again, maybe adding a little cream cheese to get a smoother consistency.
Good Taste
however, the texture was sort of gummy. my son said he'd like it again as well as me.
Great idea
This product has a very good concept for those picky eaters that will not eat vegetables like our little guy he loves Mac and cheese so I feel better about it because he is getting a serving of vegetables while eating one of his friends foods
Helps with my "Mom Guilt"
I love that Kraft came out with a mac n' cheese I feel good about giving my kids. Mac n' cheese has always been their favorite food. I was worried they would taste the difference and turn it down but they didn't suspect a thing. The only difference they commented about was that it smelled different while I was cooking it. I just came up with some excuse and moved on. Thank you Kraft!
Veggie Mac
Great tasting healthy option for those that want a tasty side or even a meal still has same great cheesy flavor
Very healthy
I'm not usually a Mac and cheese person unless home made. But I really love this my daughter made it and I was surprised. Really yummy
Love mac and cheese
Love mac and cheese since I was a little kid. This honestly didn't taste any different than the regular m&c.
Kraft veggie mac
Kraft mac and cheese is one of my guilty pleasures, and I love to make it for a quick and easy weeknight meal. I know that the regular pasta doesn't have much nutritional value, so this veggie mac makes me feel a little better about eating it! It tastes so similar to the original, and is a great substitute for the regular pasta.
Very good product. Kraft is always good and now with a healthy veggie pasta its even better. I was skeptical at first but you can't knock it if you don't try it and I will buy this product again

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