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Lays Do Us A Flavor Finalist New York Reuben
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Reuben Lay's chips
I wasn't totally sold on the Reuben flavor of these potato chips. I think they really just tasted more like a bbq chip, or something close to it. The attempt at saurkraut flavor in them wasn't a good taste to me either. These chips could really be improved in my opinion.
Surprisingly Delicious
I thought the taste was so on point! Their absolutely delicious!! Way to go, once again frito-lay company!!!! It's crazy how much they tasted just like a real Reuben, I get all my friends and fam eating 🍴 them!!! I'll definitely ve voting for these to win!!! Soooo… what ru waiting for…. GO GET YA SOME!! You won't regret it😉😉
i just love this flavor of chips. They really nailed it. It tastes like a reuben sandwich.
kind of strange but over time you'll slightly get used to it, not very likable chip
These lays Reuben chips are disgusting and taste nothing like the actual sandwich. They have a weird taste I can't put my finger on. Others may like them, but the smell and taste together almost made me sick to my stomach.
very istresting taste you can tastw the pickels and scrout its amazing ..but i would only buy a small bag cause a little goes far with this taste by far.
Definitely not a good flavor. Something I wish I hadn't tried.
I have tried these and they taste like a real Reuben which I love
I had submitted this same chip during their contest but mine wasn't picked. I tried them and loved them. Taste just like I imagined. Good job!
I was so surprised at all the flavor that these chips had. I have to say that they are absolutely yummy :)
I think that the Lays New York Reuben flavored chips were alright. They are not my new favorite and I'm not going to ask anyone to pickup this flavor in specific for me. However, if they are around I will eat some of them! I like that it does indeed taste like a sandwich, with a pickle in the form of a chip. Awesome idea! Just not my personal favorite.
Flavor...yuk. After~taste...yuk. There may be a hint of taste but there is no comparison to a real reuben sandwich. Horrible after taste as well. Just stop with flavors. Keep it real Lays.
We loved these chips. They really do have a Rueben taste,
These chips are awesome. Okay, so they don't taste exactly like a Reuben sandwich, but man they packed a lot of bold flavors into one little chip!!!
These are so good!! I wish they came in a smaller package, because I know I will eat the whole package if I am not sharing with someone. I don't know how they pulled this flavor off, but it is great!

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