4.3 5 0 329 329 There's something about the light texture & airy, crispy crunch of Lay's Poppables that makes you go "mmmm".
Lay’s Poppables™ Creamy Jalapeño
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Good flavor
Crunchy and good flavor, the bag is to big but overall a good product.
Great chips I love the cherrard ones more, but seeing these have a tiny kick these have became number one
Thumbs up
We love them, even my 2 year old! All flavors are great! Light and airy and scrumptious
Not what I expected
I do love the brand but this was not my favorite, left an aftertaste for me. My 7 year old loved it.
Poppables are great if you’re looking for a new chip to try. They’re light & airy. I’ve tried the jalapeño ones and they’re pretty tasty. Not too spicy at all, great flavor. Would recommend trying them out!
Better tasting then what the package looks like!!!!!
Yummy in my tummy
This chips are really good and healthier than the regular kind! For someone like me who is always on a diet they age perfect! My kids love them them too! Even the baby! They just melt!
Yummy and healthy
These have a great light taste and just a little kick. The flavor builds as you keep eating them. I like these because they are light and airy. I would recommend this to a friend who wants a slightly healthier alternative to chips and likes just a little bit of spice.
They are alright, but not as good as thought they would be. Could be better.
Poppables have to be my all-time favorite snack chips! I love the light crispy texture and all the yummy variety of flavors. My favorite is the Creamy Jalapeno. It's perfect with a sandwich for lunch, a fun snack while watching a movie, and any other time I need something delicious and tasty.
Airy Goodness
I love Poppables! I've tried all the flavors and although I do enjoy the creamy jalapeno, it is prob the least favorite. It's not so much the taste. I quite enjoy the flavor and the "cream" is definitely noticeable in a pleasant way. There is some kick to these! I can usually only have a few and my mouth is on fire! Now, I am a wimp when it comes to spicy, so compared to other hot products, this is probably not all that bad. I will still continue to buy these in future when I want a change of flavor.
Yessss so good
I know that these are not the healthiest thing for you anybody to eat. But they are so delicious. I really like the crunch of potato chips every now and then and this intensifies that. Their little puffballs that crunch so nicely and have a really good flavor. I would choose these over almost any crunchy snack out there. I definitely recommend these I something innovative and new and fun to snack on. They’re not always the best to dip in anything unless it’s like a cheese dip but they are really good and highly recommended
Light Airy and Full of Flavor
Flavor is bold, I like these as an alternative to chips, they are lighter and great for snacking
Bought some to share with my sister and accidentally left them out and everyone tried them until they were gone. Had to go out and buy another bag for myself.
It was good
This is amazing it was delicious and I totally recommend it because it will be the best thing you ever tasted

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